100%: Julian Edelman


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kathy-16728 9 / 10 / 10


I expected the typical documentary on a sports figure but was surprised by the cheeky humor that went along with the story. Fun commentary and well-executed! A refreshing change from the typical sports documentary!

Reviewed by lbz_1979 10 / 10 / 10

100% Over Inflated Ego. More shirtless slow-mo than Baywatch

I watched this thinking it might be a cool underdog story. Instead we get countless shirtless montages, D list celebrities like Michael Rappaport and Bill Burr telling you how great Edelman and the Patriots are and occasional shots of his daughter watching him work out. Nice quality daddy/daughter time. As a bonus we get Marky Mark dropping countless F bombs but not as many as he and the studio head dropped after Mile 22 flopped worse than a European soccer player. Why not just have Tony Robbins and Flavor Flav show up as his hype men while Edelman squeezes out 2 more shirtless reps? I do enjoy how he makes himself a victim for taking steroids. Cue Sarah McLachlan music. Utter garbage.

Reviewed by RebelYell_659 10 / 10 / 10

Hard Work and Family

What a great story. It really picks up after act II and act III. A story about a middle class kid, his family who supports and believes in him and a drive to make the most out of his God given gifts. His father Frank is a driver and Julian listens and learns. A mother who I am sure is a driving force and a glue. His siblings who respect and support him. Not to mention the others who have helped him along the way. A story about Hard Work and desire. No secret formula to success. Nice motivational story about family and love. Nothing is a given many would have been satisfied and given up after injury and tje adversity following but not Jules. My only complaint was no Belichick and no Linemen. Though the Belichick impression was classic.

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