100 Streets

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Gemma Arterton as Kelly
Grace Calder as Juliet
Idris Elba as Macavity
Ken Stott as Arthur Birling
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nickwhite-19645 9 / 10 / 10

Raw, intense and very watchable

Netflix suggested I watch this after seeing 'Brighton Rock' and I can see why. The intensity of the characters' demise and their struggle to make sense of what happens makes for compelling viewing.The setting is everything, from the local football club to Battersea Bridge and all streets in between. While the characters don't cross over too much (which might make it a bit of a soap opera) they make subtle references which keeps the viewer guessing. I guess the theme is around disintegration and how we all cope when things seem to deteriorate. A really absorbing film, well worth a watch.

Reviewed by Suzie 2 / 10 / 10

Don't watch this film. It's just not good. Only one minor spoiler

I read some bad reviews for this film but as a fan of Elba I just covered my eyes and ears and said "nananana." I was wrong. This film is just not good. If you've seen the trailer, that's about it. The whole film is in there. The production qualities are high, the acting is mostly good, but the film is less than the sum of its parts. They should've focused on one story and expanded on it, instead of getting hints, glimpses and slices of different, completely-unrelated lives. SPOILER I thought the stories would be intertwined, a sort of cause-and-effect type thing like many films do, but no. The stories happen in parallel. They don't really affect one another. This film could've been presented as a bunch of short films about people in London and they would've been rated poorly. END SPOILER There simply isn't enough time to deal with all these stories. If you think that 90 minutes is enough time to deal with a failing marriage and affairs, a death, a misfit in a lethal street gang and a few subplots (if you can call them that) then this film is for you. The trailer made it look to be all about Elba and probably revealed most of the Elba stuff. The rest is just inconsequential. The film consists of several subplots and has no major plot or overarching narrative. It's sad to waste all the talent that went into this film - actors, director, crew, etc. when the script is so horrendously poor.

Reviewed by phd_travel 2 / 10 / 10

Depressing stories that go nowhere interesting

Good actors but the stories aren't really interesting and in the end if all feels a bit pointless. This kind of intersecting stories indie type movie can be interesting. Usually we see a New York setting with a bunch of quirky characters and some pseudo drama. Here we have London for a change and that's interesting to watch at first. Idris Elba the finest black actor of his generation is quite interesting to watch as the rugby star who has cheated on his wife (Gemma Artreton) so many times she kicks him out. He proceeds to have various meltdowns drunk and disorderly culminating in a silly rifle stand off. Then there is this couple hoping to adopt. The husband is a taxi driver who accidentally hits and kills a pedestrian. Then there is a teen who is involved with some criminal types. People not from London may need subtitles for some parts! The characters are not interesting and the stories don't come together cleverly. Don't bother.

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