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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by markstylesnyc 7 / 10 / 10

decent and pensive

I think this was a decent movie.. I'm actually glad it wasn't full of mindless violence and sex scenes. It seems too many movies rely on that nowadays. His acting was first rate.. He came back a marine, torn about what he had done in the past.. It showed the viewer how one can get locked into their past. Yes it could have been more exciting, more gritty, but I thought it was quite view-able the way it was.

Reviewed by marcus-ramdhanie 5 / 10 / 10

This movie will soon be irrelevant

After reading the storyline I was excited to see this film. After watching I was not impressed. There is no real depth to the story. The characters backgrounds are not well developed. I think the acting was good. No characters were noticeably bad. Not much really happens in the entire movie. Not enough twists. Suspense was not built up. Ending was not rewarding. Did not care for the way the movie was filmed. No memorable camera angles or scenes. Overall I would rate this borderline 4/10.

Reviewed by thebucketrider 5 / 10 / 10

good acting, minimal plot

A marine returns to his ramshackle burgh after serving in Afghanistan. No sooner do his friends and family welcome him back, he gets word that somebody will be coming to town to settle an old score with him. As good a premise as any, but the film doesn't do much with it. The former marine spends about 90% of the film looking for backup in advance of his foe's return. The acting is good, the people he interacts with are well characterised, yet one can only watch so many variations on the same conversation before it gets tiresome. I won't give away what happens when his nemesis arrives on the 11:55 bus but I found it seriously anti-climactic.

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