12 Dog Days Till Christmas



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Reginald VelJohnson as Art Stephenson
Vincent Giovagnoli as Jack Whitley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Christmas-Reviewer 3 / 10 / 10

Foster Children and Ugly Dogs

BEWARE OF BOGUS REVIEWS & REVIEWERS. SOME REVIEWERS HAVE ONLY ONE REVIEW. WHEN ITS A POSITIVE REVIEW THAT TELLS ME THEY WERE INVOLVED WITH THE PRODUCTION. TRUST ME THIS FILM IS TERRIBLE. NOW I HAVE REVIEWED OVER 400 Christmas MOVIES. I HAVE NO AGENDA. I AM FARE The budget of this film was almost non existent. One scene that was suppose to be a fancy restaurant you can tell it was someones home. The acting and dialog was terrible HOWEVER the message of home and family still come through. Most of all it is about how everyone wants a loving home, that includes not only dogs but people too. It also makes you look beyond the surface of everything because there is ALWAYS something to love in everything. In this film A troubled foster teen ends up having to work at an no kill animal shelter. When he finds out the shelter is closing, he will have 12 days and a Christmas Miracle to find homes for the unwanted dogs. He does that but, a better ending a new "NO KILL SHELTER" opening. That is not the case. The film will be enjoyable for the under 12 set. It is family safe.

Reviewed by christa-pelc 1 / 10 / 10

Everybody's a critic.

A sweet, simple story. Not perfect, but totally forgivable and lovable. The dogs are the real stars!

Reviewed by Braidlance 1 / 10 / 10


My wife and I had a blast watching this terrible movie. How did that kid get the main role? Who wrote this? The entire movie is 1000 "touching scenes" over and over. Can't believe I watched this entire movie. Holy crap it's bad!!!

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