12 Hours to Live


Crime / Drama / Thriller

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November 12, 2020


Ione Skye as Gabby
Kevin Durand as Reed
Kim Coates as Calhoun
Rukiya Bernard as Charlene
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mgconlan-1 8 / 10 / 10

Derivative but workmanlike and exciting thriller

Yes, the script for "12 Hours to Live" is patched together Frankenstein-style from some of the oldest thriller tropes in history, but if you can get past that and some hideously over-directed flashbacks, the main part of this film is quite good. The plotting is coherent and believable, the human drama genuinely touching and the characters are multidimensional. Even the villain evokes pity and pathos instead of just being a stick-figure menace. The acting is also excellent, with Ione Skye as the heroine (an FBI agent with a personal as well as a professional interest in catching the bad guy) and Kevin Durand as the villain (a psychopathic criminal specializing in bank robberies and not sure himself, as he tells us in the film, why he does what he does) standing out. This one is well worth watching and several cuts above the Lifetime TV-movie norm for this genre.

Reviewed by gem222000 4 / 10 / 10


the plot sounded good - but - this movie never got it going, totally unrealistic in some respects and the directing was terrible. what was that dripping faucet about? i think the writers could have done a better job. some of the script was positively corny. and so many lose ends - why bring things up and never go anywhere with them. what happened to bj? what's the story with her dad? maybe i missed something, but i honestly think it was the movie that missed everything. unless you are really bored - and i mean REALLY - i wouldn't waste my time watching this movie and i certainly would change the channel if i come across it again.

Reviewed by Platypuschow 4 / 10 / 10

12 Hours to Live: Passable enough Lifetime movie

Lifetime originals are never exactly ground breaking stuff. They are made for television movies that follow simple unoriginal formulas and pack them full of feminist nonsense. Let me clarify what I mean by that. In Lifetime movies every woman is strong empowered yet a victim while everyman is a wife beater, criminal, rapist, misogynist etc. They really are quite misandric. This one has it's moments of that but is lighter than usual. It tells the story of an FBI agent on the hunt for a bank robber who killed her fellow FBI agent boyfriend. The criminal has now taken a teenage girl hostage who suffers from diabetes and it's a race against the clock. You'll have worked out the entire film within the first 10 minutes, it lacks originality but being a Lifetime movie you do already expect that. It's harmless enough take your brain out entertainment if you know what you're walking into. The Good: Passably made The Bad: Generic stuff They still manage to get plenty of their brand of unnecessary feminist content in there Things I Learnt From This Movie: I learnt nothing, how could I learn from something so generic it's like I'd literally seen it before

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