21 Days


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rosanna-96392 1 / 10 / 10

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I couldn't even watch 21 mins of this movie, the main actors "filmmakers" were a little too overly aggressive and lacking in common sense within the first 15 mins. ** Kind of a spoiler but not really ... ** First Scene: They aggressively seek out a woman and son who were haunted, they run on to her property screaming her name and yelling questions at her. She freaks out and yells at them and they have the nerve to say "what the hell was that?" So sad, I had such high hopes.

Reviewed by derekjager 2 / 10 / 10

Nice job but nothing really new or original (but could have been!)

This is a little bit of the paranormal activity MARKED ONES film as well as that movie itself and GRAVE ENCOUNTERS. I gave the filmmaker credit for creating a backstory for the film so that it is a complete story instead of some jump scares and then the camera drops. I know many filmmakers make their start in the found footage genre since it's relatively cheap to film in. So, if you're going to do a FF, then make the effort to make it different. In this case, the film succeeds. Locked in a haunted house for 21 days with cameras everywhere, how does an object move from the barn to the house? Creepy...but ultimately, why? Just the spirits/demons playing tricks and if so, on us or the characters? Nothing is really made of this event other than "WTF?" If it kept occurring, with more dangerous items being transported, it would have added a nice twist. Other than that, we get the doors closing, furniture jumping about, etc. All good stuff, always creepy, but we've seen it before. The problem with ALL found footage is the last ten minutes. People screaming and cross talking over themselves. It's always a mess and this is no different. The good this is there is a coda that explains a bit more so your last image isn't a dropped camera. There are some terrific ideas here that I wish had been explored more--they were different and could have taken the film in a different direction. But I liked it and enjoyed my time with it!

Reviewed by stephenw-30180 2 / 10 / 10

Another self shot footage waste of time

It's incredible to me that people keep putting up money to make films that have been made 100 times over the past 15 years since the Blair Witch Project. The originality and extremely low budget and high grossing revenue of that film has spawned so many pieces of crap that people keep pumping these films out like link sausages. The plot and style of 21 days is no different then any other film of its kind....it seems, anyone with a camera and a slightly different take on hauntings and morbid curiosity to debunk ghost stories has a plot and with a few bucks, make a film. Unfortunately, we, the horror genre fan has to sit through an average of 80-90 minutes of the same Drek! We keep on getting suckered into watching films that have no originality or narrative value and we find the same story told over and over again just dressed up differently. Acting mediocre, lighting horrible, originality....none! I think I'll use my hand held and get my buddy who is a sound expert and works as a freelancer and find an old barn and write a script in a day and try and make a million dollars. Please, someone, make a good found footage or self shot horror film worth watching. I paid nothing to see this film and still feel I was ripped off! Flat out crap!!

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