3 Ninjas

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Clifton Powell as Senator Marcus Gordon
Victor Wong as Wah Gay
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gdkarma2 9 / 10 / 10

Great movie!

I love this movie! Those three guys are not only great at martial arts but funny and charming actors as well. All the kids loved it when it came out and still quote lines from this 'classic.' Yes, there are borrowed ideas (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Home Alone...) but who doesn't? And stunt doubles for the Grandfather, but who do you think he is, Jackie Chan? Victor Wong makes a sincere grandfather/mentor. Hey, the adult reviewers may not have enjoyed or even understood this movie, but the 'kids' that I know, did. As for the Ninjas themselves, they acted naturally and credibly. A perfect family movie.

Reviewed by xbowlinangel322x 7 / 10 / 10

This movie is good....a great kids movie

OK so i am getting annoyed by all these people bashing this movie....it was made for kids so obviously adults aren't going to love it...DUH!....i mean i watched this movie at least twice a month as a kid and now even though I'm 15 i'll still watch it if its on TV or if i feel like renting it....its a great way to remember what it was lyk being a a little kid....it gets kids imagination working i mean i would spend hours acting out scenes after i saw this movie...and this movie sparked such an interest in martial arts in me that i started taking lessons and now am a brown belt.....its just a fun movie the writer didn't intend it to be a classic but it is anyway to kids and grownups who are kids at heart....think b4 u speak....and don't take everything so seriously....I LOVE COLT!!!!!

Reviewed by Jessica Carvalho 7 / 10 / 10

The best of the '3 Ninjas'movies!

This is the best of the ''3 Ninjas'' movies, and this is the one which I always watched in my childhood.(the other 2 sequences never took very much my attention,specially because the actors who played Rocky and Tum Tum were not the same). I always remember how cool I found the ninja thing, the characters(specially Colt) and also the mask and the 'ninja names' that Samuel(Rocky),Jeffrey(Colt) and Michael(Tum Tum) received from their grandfather.Of course there are impossible things, like an adult ninja losing a fight or being weaker than the kids, but this is a entertaining movie spite all of 'non real'facts. Victor Wong(who I always confuse with Pat Morita)is great being the Grandpa Mori Tanaka as well.

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