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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by areatw 7 / 10 / 10

Not an easy film to watch

Based on the true story of Natascha Kampusch, a girl who was kidnapped and abused for over 8 years, this film was never going to make for easy viewing. It tells the story as it is and doesn't dodge any of the emotional and physical abuse suffered by Kampusch. The relationship between Kampusch and her kidnapper and how it develops over time is one of the most interesting parts of the story and the film did a really good job at portraying this. Antonia Campbell-Hughes deserves a lot of credit for delivering a strong performance as Kampusch - it must have been a huge challenge, especially given her drastic change in appearance for the role. This is a raw and naturally disturbing film that is not for everybody. I'm glad they made it though and more people are now aware of Natascha's horrific ordeal.

Reviewed by rohmer-5 5 / 10 / 10

The human spirit cannot be kept captive

I have watched this movie about 2 months ago and was surprised that no one has submitted a review for it yet. In my personal opinion, I think that we should not focus on the saucy news or inappropriate statements made by the cast of the movie as this will wrongly divert our attention from the movie. All movies, whether artistic or commercial, should be viewed as an independent work. I have not read the book but I am sure it was an extraordinary story and to bring it to screen would be a challenge. I am glad the director did it skilfully, not focusing on the abuse of the victim but on her thoughts and feelings. The perpetrator has tried various means to make her give up the hope on freedom, but the human spirit just cannot be kept captive. As humans, we all long for freedom, this is engraved into the deepest part of our soul and nothing can change that, that is why we write books, poems ,composed symphonies ,build monuments and even free a nation. Some shots of the movie let the audience perceive the world through the victim's eyes, and even her thoughts and dreams, you can clearly see although there is so little that she can see, all these glimpse of the world have gradually built up her inner strength. The drastic weight loss of the actress adds a level of realism for the movie and her nakedness make a lot of audience quiver in fear to imagine how much abuse she has taken.

Reviewed by Dorveille 5 / 10 / 10

A missed opportunity

I came to this movie having read Natascha Kampusch's book of the same name, and watched a documentary about the case. In it's favour the events depicted in the film are pretty accurate to how they were described in the book. Wolfgang Přiklopil's house and the cell he built are close to how they really were. But is authenticity enough to make this a good movie? Well, not really. The film feels very flat, there is very little sense of tension or drama, it's just a plodding retelling of the events. Thure Lindhardt and Antonia Campbell-Hughes are fine in the roles of Přiklopil and Kampusch. However, some of the other actors are less successful, and it seems as though some of their voices have been re- dubbed? The main problem with the film is its lack of insight. The film barely explored Kampusch's inner thoughts during the experience, the coping strategies that allowed her to endure the ordeal. And what of Přiklopil? We know nothing really about him, what drove him to do what he did? What happened to him to make him the way he was? The relationship that developed between Kampusch and Přiklopil was complex. She never lost sight that a crime was being committed and that she had to escape, but she also came to sympathise with him, seeing him as a damaged human being. Some have said this story shouldn't have been filmed. I don't agree - but I do think it needed to be handled in a different way. Kampusch's story is an extraordinary one, and it really deserved a film that could do it justice. If you want the full story of what happened, read the book instead.

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