A Boy Called Christmas


Adventure / Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 1525


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November 25, 2021



Rune Temte as Anders
Zoe Margaret Colletti as The Truth Pixie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 10 / 10 / 10


Whenever you have maggie smith in a movie, made in the latter years ,it will be a success. Its a christmas treat to us all from netflix to make the time of advent and waiting feel a bit shorter. Yes... even for a grumpy old man that physically hasnt bought a x-mas present for 10 years ( not due to scrooginess, rather 100% lack of fantasy, and that may spoucy right hand loves to do it.). Its a story about the making of sankt nokolas in the cold deep winterwoods of suomian lappland, or finland, a story told in a dreamy fashionable mix of ms.smiths narrative, bold special effects, and studio decors, loads of sharp colours and light, even the darkness has its charm, put in some animatronix, alosg with a durable, well known angloamerican acting talent and long time traders on the silver screen then youll have a hit. This is the julefilm for everybody that believes in hope, and to everybody that knows that a home is more than a home, cause its also a feeling, and if you loose your feeling of home then you may have to reignite your way of life and just to retain hope, and if youre there not hoping and disbelieving, do put this flick on for yourself and everybody around you... loads of nice music too, but the primrose is dear maggie after all. So a recommend to this one.

Reviewed by hjchuijbregts 5 / 10 / 10

Really really loved it

What a great way to tell it like this. Beautiful scenery. I love the mountains and the snow. So it was a really feast for me. Its a reall must see. And it was not that scary, so the kids can see it to.

Reviewed by MrJackParker 5 / 10 / 10

It's worth a watch... for some.

I'm torn, to be honest. It's a beautifully filmed movie. Every actor did an outstanding job, with the exception of the mouse, who was just flat out irritating and whose dialog was out of place and took you out of the story. The actor voicing the mouse did a fine job. Nothing against him. The fault was with the writers and this is where the movie fails. The movie and the story have old world charm, which is fantastic! Then the mouse starts talking which snatches you out of the story world and reminds you that writers today try too hard to be clever instead of good storytellers. Modern, dumbed-down humor can't be avoided anymore it seems. The conversation between the king and the townspeople (when discussing what was missing from their village) is clear evidence that the writers are full of themselves and self-indulgent. A movie that SHOULD have been written for kids and COULD have been an instant classic is ruined by dark, adult themes and humor. This isn't a child's movie unless you count rebellious, depressed teenagers who've been convinced by today's education and society that all hope and joy are gone from the world. The writing is the sole reason I only give this 5 Stars. It could have been so much more if the writers hadn't been so self-indulgent and "clever."

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