A Boy Called Po


Drama / Fantasy

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Caitlin Carmichael as Amanda Drake
Christopher Gorham as Dil Gilbert
Sean Gunn as Self
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rdg45 6 / 10 / 10

An Interesting Study of Autism

An autistic son makes life difficult and also a joy for a father who lost his wife and found himself struggling to cope with work, his son's education, and the lack of understanding the "normal" world has for this condition.

Reviewed by hviparina 10 / 10 / 10

Heart-warmingly Authentic, and Raw

John Asher and Julian Feder along with the original music from Burt Bacharach have created a film that is like no other. The cinematography, script, and brilliant acting all come together to show the world what autism is really like. The result is a truly honest film that shows the joys as well as the struggles of having an autistic child. John Asher was able to accurately show us how an autistic person lives and the beautiful world only they can see. One that is often so hard for them to share with the world. Using correct terminology to explain what autism is and how it affects someone, the film can help a viewer understand autism more fully. The relationships created through out the film are honest with reality and move the story along at the perfect rate. Centered around such an important topic, the film is both bold and gentle. It has times of comic relief, but be sure to bring some tissues. I highly, highly recommend seeing this movie. It is one that will change the way this world sees autism.

Reviewed by shannondoty87 10 / 10 / 10

Gorgeous, Unique, Imaginative Film That Captures Autism

As someone who has worked in the autism field for nearly a decade, I can vouch for "Po" as a film that captures the everyday challenges of thousands of families across the globe. Director John Asher's emphasis on the rawness of autism is met with magical cinematography that transports the audience to places beyond fantasy. Asher is the father of a son, Evan, who is on the autism spectrum, and insights from his personal experience are evident in the film. Expertly written, the storyline grabs the viewer and takes them on a ride across the fine line of imagination and reality. Christopher Gorham and Julian Feder are an on-screen "dream team" - connected, convincing, and compelling. "Po" is a brilliant film worth seeing again and again.

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