A Carol Christmas

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James Cromwell as The Clerk
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LindaShermanGordon 5 / 10 / 10

Pleasant Holiday Fluff

This is hardly Oscar material but it is a pleasant diversion that you can safely watch with your kids during the holidays. The setting in the context of a reality talk show production is a nice twist on the Christmas Carol genre. Your kids won't understand the poignancy of Gary Coleman's appearance in this movie but you may. Gary mentions the dearth of acting roles for an actor of his height. Gary gets a lot of screen time and I enjoyed that. William Shatner did a decent job in a self-deprecating role. Tori Spelling was solid in her lead role. Good lesson in "keeping people waiting" Nice pay-off at the end of the movie. Of course, we expect a Christmas Carol remake to have a happy ending. Ghost of Christmas Future was the weakest segment but it was short. The reality show producer playing bad guy in Christmas past and good guy at the end of the movie was a bit confusing. For those two reasons I had to knock off a point from 6 to 5. Caught this thanks to recent play on premium cable.

Reviewed by inkblot11 7 / 10 / 10

An update of Dickens classic, this enjoyable film has humor and good messages

Carol (Tori Spelling) is the star of an afternoon talk show. Unhappily, she is quite the diva and makes life miserable for those around her, especially her assistant Rebecca (Nina Siemaszko). Rebecca, a single mother, needs the job desperately and works far harder than she should to keep getting a paycheck. Now, its Christmastime, a holiday Carol hates, so she is very testy. After sending Rebecca shopping for meager presents for the staff, Carol lays down to take a nap. But, ho, ho, ho! First, she gets a visit from her deceased aunt's ghost (Dinah Manoff), the pushy woman who once acted as Carol's manager. Auntie warns Carol that she better change her ways and be kinder, for she herself has to wander the earth as a ghost, due to her past behavior. Then, just as Carol recovers from this shock, she gets a visit from Christmas Past (Gary Coleman), Xmas Present, Dr. Bob (William Shatner), and, naturally, ghastly Christmas Future. Past takes Carol back to her childhood, where her aunt manipulated the young girl into school play stardom, by hook or by crook. Then, its on to her early acting days, where Carol had a nice boyfriend but got "too busy" in her career to see him anymore. Carol also makes an invisible trip to Rebecca's very humble home, to her sister's abode and to her, Carol's, funeral, where few folks come to mourn. Will the talk show hostess change her ways? You bet! This is really a nice film, even though it is one of many modern takes on Dickens classic story. Spelling does a fine job as the insufferable Carol and the rest of the cast is very good, too, including Coleman, Shatner, Manoff, Siemaszko, and others. Two romantic male roles are filled by real lookers, although they are not household names. Originally on Hallmark, the movie also boasts nice sets, costumes, script, direction, and camera work. All in all, if you love romantic dramas or uplifting Christmas flicks, take time to find this one. Just like carol singers, the movie will put you in the right mood and attitude for the holidays.

Reviewed by Go_Skins 7 / 10 / 10

Tori Spelling in a Christmas Movie

Just finished watching this on The Hallmark Channel. Thought it was a unusual twist on the "Ebenezer Scrooge" thing. I have always liked Tori Spelling and her movies! Tori, of course, stars in another version of A Christmas Carol. Most of the time, you see men as the Ebenezer. This time they make a female do it. I like how they switched between the different ghosts/spirits. I also liked seeing William Shatner, from Star Trek fame, and Gary Coleman, from Different Strokes, as a couple of the spirits! If you haven't caught this older movie, definitely go out and rent it! I liked this movie from beginning to end! Way to go on this one!

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