A Christmas Reunion

Comedy / Family / Romance / TV Movie

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December 27, 2020



Catherine Hicks as Linda Sullivan
Denise Richards as Diana Evans
Jake Busey as Aaron
Parker Stevenson as General Sherman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 4 / 10 / 10

Poor acting

The story was a little different than the usual, but not completely. Estranged high school sweethearts must return to home town for funeral of Amy's aunt who raised her. There is a mini-mystery, but the answer was obvious from the moment it became a mystery. And huge clues quickly confirm the obvious answer. Other than that the story is split between reopening the bakery and reconciling the two sweethearts. Denise Richards, as Amy, and Patrick Muldoon, as Jack. had no chemistry and I'm not sure why anyone would want to romance either one of them. They spent more time fighting before suddenly changing direction. Supporting actors were anywhere from horrible to fair. The boss, the assistant, and the lawyer were among the horrible.

Reviewed by poetessnmotion 4 / 10 / 10

Zero Chemistry

I was quite disappointed, especially since it followed "A Christmas Kiss" last night. Unlike the undeniable chemistry between those two actors, which could make you melt, Amy and Jack had zero chemistry and their kissing scenes were dreadful. It was as if they couldn't find each other's lips, or maybe disliked each other in real life. As another reviewer advised, I would recommend this movie only if there was nothing else to watch, or you're just a love story addict, even if it's awful.

Reviewed by scifisam-1 4 / 10 / 10

No chemistry to make up for the cheesy storyline

Denise Richards is the only real reason to watch this. She actually acts. The storyline is totally cheesy and feels like it's from the 80s but, hey, cheese can be fun if the cast is good. Still, some of the supporting cast take the 2d roles they're given (I liked the DJ guy and the best female friend) and do well with the little they're given. Patrick Muldoon as the supposed high school sweetheart of Richards just reads out his lines and looks far too old to have been prom king to her prom queen. Even in their child versions he's several years older than her, presumably to adjust to their adult appearances (the kids are good actors). It's very odd casting. Richards and Muldoon come across as if they actually were a little bit disgusted by having to kiss but got it over with for the sake of the movie.

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