A Dangerous Arrangement


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February 27, 2021


Brittany Bristow as Marie Gruben
Colm Meaney as Detective
Tamara Duarte as Ellen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tomfsloan 3 / 10 / 10


Stupid is the only word I can think to sum this movie up. The setting in Malta was great. It was nice to see a low budget movie location that was not LA or Vancouver. The script could have been better with a lot of re-writing, so the potential was there. But these types of movies don't have time to re-write, so they must shoot from the scripts first rough draft. At least that's how this appears. I wont outline every stupid thing that happened, there's not enough ink to do that. It was a stupid movie but it wasn't awful. I've seen plenty of awful movies that were far worse. This does not meet my three requirements for a good movie. 1.- Do I want to watch it again? Nope. 2.- Was there a time I thought to myself "Why did they do that?"? Yes, constantly. 3.- Was I bored? No. It did keep me mildly interested to see what stupid thing will happen next. So it barely fit 1 of my 3 criteria. But the movie did prompt me to make the effort to write this review.

Reviewed by edwagreen / 10


Excellent film even with so many plot twists. A grieving father goes after the team that helped put his daughter in a coma following an overdose of drugs. The guy is killed and the woman tries to kill herself but is saved by a young man renting in a remote area from an unusual couple. Our heroine finds herself pregnant and the couple, who are childless, want the child. Our heroine changes her mind and wants to keep the baby. The couple literally try to burn them to death. Who comes along to the rescue? The father of the comatose girl saves them. The story is well told and these plot twists are riveting to see.

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