A Fall from Grace


Drama / Fantasy / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.9 10 12


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April 15, 2021



Cicely Tyson as Jane Pittman
Mehcad Brooks as Niles
Tyler Perry as Arthur
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thirty-seconds-to-mars 1 / 10 / 10

Watch it for a good time and the laughter

This is basically if an intern at the hallmark channel was forced to write a law and order episode... In 5 days.

Reviewed by tmatthew-16064 4 / 10 / 10

Make it make sense

First of all, why does it look like Madea fluffed up her old wigs to put on these people heads? We have a lot of holes in this movie. The worst was the cop husband. He legit went to the house and watched a women jump off a roof there. Later in the movie he was driving his wife to the address and not for one second said hey a woman jumped off the roof of that place. Also he would have to question the owner of the house during the time, but he acted like he didn't know her during the whole trial. To top that one, he ran the guys name and said he came up clean. The guy had stolen the dead women's name, so there's no way he could have came up at all. Also the cop should know the name of the woman who committed suicide right in front of him. Did he not have to write a report? And finally the biggest discrepancy, how are they having trial over a man that is using an alias? He shouldn't even exist in the books to say that he's missing. When they pulled up his name they should have noticed something was wrong. If I called myself Ronald McDonald and then went missing, before a trial even happened they would have to figure out who I really was. The bodies in the basement was cheesy, no Black women with millions of dollars is keeping all these bodies in the basement in a regular neighborhood. Not one person would take these women for millions of dollars just to live in a regular house with a bunch of victims in the basement and drive a basic van. Please make it make sense. What did she need or use the money for? Both her hair and her son's hair looked jacked, so it couldn't be that.

Reviewed by preacster23 4 / 10 / 10

Plot twist ruined the movie

I can't believe it. I watched the movie and liked it. Then came the plot twist and I totally lost it. It doesn't make sense for one second and she really killed this guy with a baseball bat and hit him on the head with full force a million times and he turned out to be fine with just a bandaid on his head. You are kidding here right?

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