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Cindy Busby as Flirt de P-A
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prismark10 3 / 10 / 10

Snowmobiles and automobiles

40 Below and Falling is a rom-com television movie which starts in a remote community in the north where Kate Carter, a popular teacher is leaving to get married. However the next morning there is a snow storm and Kate is stranded. After somehow getting to the plane that would take her to civilisation, she finds out that there are no flights and the roads are blocked. Determined to get to her wedding Kate convinces a rugged, surly stranger, Redford to get her out of there with his snowmobile. However these two people are like salt and pepper but as they travel along they get into scrapes with grizzly bears, mountain men and have to cope with the severe weather. Kate realises that there is more to Redford despite his rough exterior and he has a lyrical charm about him. As we cut to the scenes of the groom to be waiting for Kate to arrive we have an inkling that he is not the right man for her and so does eventually Kate. The film is really a snowy road trip between two mismatched strangers who eventually fall for each other. Shawn Roberts (Redford) kinds of reminded me of Henry Cavill and of course we find out that he has hidden talents and issues in his own personal life to deal with. The film itself has some slap stick and broad humour here and there, especially as Kate's beau attracts the interest of another female. However the film itself is a little bit silly and shallow, I never really warmed to it.

Reviewed by DKosty123 3 / 10 / 10

Canada Locations Look Great- Plot Falls Short

The story here is pretty much standard in that a woman on her way to her wedding gets into a crisis with another man. The man gets her out of the crisis and as she gets closer and closer to him and her wedding, she has second thoughts. The trouble is that the script seems very unnatural. I mean, the crisis makes the main characters both look stupid, even though they are supposed to be intelligent. The sequences where they fall in the thin ice water and build a fire to save their lives do not seem practical. The shock of the ice water would have killed most people. Then, the fact that they are carrying a cell phone with them the entire time and do not call for help when they are lost? Hard to explain that one. Of course then there is the strange attempt by the younger sister of trying to seduce her fiance while her sister is out of touch in a crisis adventure. The fiance character seems shallow and unreal. To me, the Canadian scenery is easily the best thing about the film. I would appreciate the actors more if they had been given a better script to work with. Like the crisis, the script runs out of gas.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 3 / 10 / 10

Not my idea of a Christmas Rom/Com

Through more than half of this movie, I hated everyone, but Kate most of all. It surprises me how annoying Kate is given that she was so beloved at her school. Kate is what I would call mean to Redford, but he certainly did nothing to endear himself to her. On the other hand, it's not surprising that she might be a mean person given her father who has his picture in the dictionary next to narcissist. It's disappointing to me because I normally like Jewel Staite. I guess stupidity, rudeness, assault and social ineptness are funny for some, but for me too much of them is annoying. The scene with the trapper also is not funny and doesn't belong in a Rom/Com. Eventually there are a few laughs although the stupidity is still a bit much. There is an interesting development near the end. I sure didn't see it coming, but I don't care for what followed or at least not how it happened.

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