A Gift to Christmas Tree


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 5 / 10 / 10

Crazy Christmas

Was a bit conflicted on whether to see 'Fir Crazy' (aka 'Oh Christmas Tree'), seen as part of a recent Christmas film quest started towards the end of last year and the reviewing is still ongoing and will be for a while yet. It sounded cute and heart-warming on paper and have seen a fair share of pleasant, inoffensive festive diversions recently. At the same time, it did not sound much different story-wise from other festive films, so there was the worry as to whether the film was going to feel stale and too safe. It managed to be pretty much all of the above, indicative of me having something of a mixed view on the film (or slightly above that). It is a pleasant watch and does nothing to offend. A lot is done well here. Not much is particularly distinguished at the same time and there is not an awful lot special, so not a "head over heels in love" sort of film. While not doing anything particularly awfully, while there are flaws here other films do them a lot worse. The good things will be started off with. The production values are pleasing on the eye, the scenery has an authentic Christmassy feel and the photography doesn't try to do too much while not being claustrophobic. The soundtrack is also suitably festive without being overpowering in volume or over-utilised. Parts are amusing, parts are cute without being sugary and its good intentions are appreciated. There is a lot of charm here too. The characters are lacking in depth, but nobody irritates and they at least engaged. The acting is better than average, with Sarah Lancaster being an amiable lead. Colin Mochrie also makes a game effort as the "villain of the piece" and Eric Johnson likewise with the too little he has. Now onto the negatives. The story is predictable and has nothing to set it apart, just being your standard Hallmark Christmas film. Some of it felt choppy, some dramatic transitions being abrupt. Too many of the character relationships are rushed and underdeveloped, making changes of heart too out of left field. Not just the central romance, which is particularly standard and could have done with more consistent chemistry too. But particularly the Gary's Scrooge-like change of heart, the outcome almost feeling too out of nowhere when you don't really remember the stuff before it. Some of the dialogue can be cheesy and awkward and the ending did strike me as too convenient and too neatly wrapped up. All in all, watchable but nothing special. 5/10

Reviewed by boblipton 3 / 10 / 10

Not Crazy About This One

Sarah Lancaster always hated the hard working conditions of running a Christmas tree lot during the holidays in Manhattan. However, when she loses her job she has to lend a hand to the family business. When Scrooge-like Colin Mochrie takes over the store, the seasonal lot has always been in front of and decides to get rid of it, Sarah and an unlikely assortment of employees, as well as potential boyfriend Eric Johnson, have a fight on their hands. While I am fond of several of the actors involved, particularly Mr. Mochrie (from his appearances on WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?), the plot is a little too neat and the writing a bit abrupt, particularly the inevitable transformation of Mochrie from nasty to nice. The visuals are fine and Miss Lancaster looks great in a fir-green top for the final scene, but this Hallmark TV romantic comedy is not a particularly distinguished effort, even by the standards of other Hallmark romcoms.

Reviewed by Prismark10 3 / 10 / 10

Oh Christmas Tree

Fir Crazy sees Elise (Sarah Lockwood) from her high powered executive job in a sports shoe company just before Christmas. She also gets dumped by her shallow boyfriend. While looking for another vacancy, she helps out her father who has injured his foot to sell Christmas trees in Manhattan with her cousin. It is a family business but Elise has never been keen in selling Christmas trees from childhood. The new boss of the store whose lot Elise sells the trees from is a grinch and wants Elise and her trees out of there. Every time Elise approaches him, a calamity takes place making the boss even more irate. It really is a case of Elise and her cousin selling enough trees before Christmas as the boss plans to get rid off the lot. Elise is also attracted by a customer who does a lot for charity. Elise comes across as someone out of her depth as both as a marketing executive and selling trees. It is all a little bit unbelievable. Even as someone who is a left leaning liberal, I cannot help raising an eyebrow at the subtext of these Hallmark Christmas films that city corporations are bad. Elise's firm fires her just before Christmas. The new owner of the store is scrooge like. Even when Elise gets a job interview with another firm, it is only because they want her to spill the secrets of the rival firm she used to work for.

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