A Kiss at Midnight


Drama / Romance

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November 11, 2020



Dyan Cannon as Alice Henderson
Hal Linden as The Dean
Kim Rhodes as Val Brookston
Sean Whalen as Doug Hannigan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blanche-2 6 / 10 / 10

Normally I would have skipped this

I admit that I only watched this because I love Cameron Daddo and interviewed him some years ago, circa 1998. He's as delightful as he is handsome. "A Kiss at Midnight" is a typical Hallmark movie. It's very sweet, about two matchmakers (Faith Ford and Daddo) who meet thanks to the efforts of the man's two daughters. Even if it's not the greatest story in the world, it certainly has a likable cast. Besides Daddo and Ford, Dyan Cannon is on hand as Ford's mom, who gets together with Hal Linden. The daughters are very cute as well. Predictable but very pleasant.

Reviewed by ladyMoonEclipse 3 / 10 / 10

a very sweet movie!

i loved it, it was lots of fun and i thought the couple had immediate chemistry, plus his daughters were super cute! i love how they both have clearly different personality, everything flowed flawlessly for a hallmark film until the end where they rushed it a bit with your typical extreme situation that brings everyone back together in the nick of time but really its a quibble in the overall fact that i enjoyed it, i even clapped at the end! sometimes you're just in the mood for a wholesome love story that the whole family can watch without worrying about inappropriate scenes and language, also i thought it was very interesting take showing the personal lives and struggles of the people behind these online matchmaking business, kinda reminded me of "you've got mail"

Reviewed by folsominc2 3 / 10 / 10

Kiss at Midnight falls flat

I really enjoyed this movie from the start even though it was a bit hokey, but why not, right? Sometimes the world needs a dash of hoke! HOWEVER, just as the characters started to turn interesting, just as the plot might have thickened and the conflict blossom good . . . it fell flat with a quicky ending that left your mouth hanging open. The viewer also wants to know "the end of the story" as Paul Harvey would say. What happened with their companies? Did they merge the "from the heart" theory of matchmaking with the "from the scientific" part? Was her mother's new husband really as good as he seemed or just another bozo looking for a rich meal ticket? It never completely finished. The viewer is expecting detailed explanations to be made, just not the traditional walk down the isle, kiss at midnight and over. I was really into the picture and couldn't believe that it would give such a non-existent ending. The chemistry was good between the characters which is a lot to say for movies made today and the girls were sweet although sometimes a bit TOO sweet that I wiped the sugar off my television after their scenes. But then . . . nothing. I would suggest to the producers to give it more or just make another plot with the same hero and heroine on similar lines but change their writers!

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