A Life Less Ordinary


Comedy / Crime / Fantasy / Romance

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Cameron Diaz as Carol Faber
Christopher Gorham as Dil Gilbert
Ewan McGregor as Jasper Black
Timothy Olyphant as CIA Agent Geneva
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Andrea Compton 4 / 10 / 10

It was alright

This movie is one of those that seems like it has a million different genres! It seems like a dark comedy, then seems like an action film, then seems like a romance, and it is like that through the entire movie. It is 2016 and I have just watched it a couple weeks ago (it's a 1997 movie). I really like the two main actors Cameron Diaz and Ewan McGregor. Holly Hunter is usually good but her character annoyed the hell out of me in this movie. WARNING! SPOILERS!!!! I think this movie could have done without Jackson and O'Reilley, the two "angels" because it seems like it was just kind of thrown into the movie and it seemed out of place most of the time. The angels are supposed to help the two main characters fall in love to be able to get back to Heaven. But sometimes it seemed as if they were evil, and not angels at all. This could be due to the idea of this movie being a dark comedy type, but I thought it was odd and I did not like the characters of the angels at all. Overall, Cameron and Ewan were really good as their characters, if not a bit dramatic at points. Oh well.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 3 / 10 / 10

could have been better

Angel Gabriel (Dan Hedaya) sends O'Reilly (Holly Hunter) and Jackson (Delroy Lindo) down to earth to bring together two people or else they can't return. Robert Lewis (Ewan McGregor) is a dreamer who gets fired as a janitor. His girlfriend leaves him. He goes to challenge his former employer Naville (Ian Holm) who is berating his spoiled daughter Celine (Cameron Diaz). She pushes Robert to shoot her father in the leg and he ends up taking her hostage. The movie starts ridiculously with the William Tell nonsense. Ewan McGregor is playing a little too dumb unless he's a weed smoking slacker. I like Cameron Diaz's attitude and she's smoking hot. They have good chemistry but it could have been a lot better. Danny Boyle and John Hodge are trying for wacky comedy but it doesn't always get the laughs. Also O'Reilly and Jackson's plan isn't well spelled out. I keep thinking while watching this that this movie should be better and funnier but it's not.

Reviewed by SimonJack 3 / 10 / 10

This dud misfires as comedy and romance

The premise of "A Life Less Ordinary" is an old one. Two beings (or non-beings) from beyond (in original and earlier versions they would be angels) are sent to earth to make sure that two people meet, fall in love and marry. The chief who gives them this last chance (or they will be doomed to live on earth), laments the high rate of divorce from the past work of these two "spirits" in human form. The two objects of their "mission" are a disgruntled former employee of a mega-firm, and the spoiled rotten rich daughter of the belligerent, brash billionaire boss of the mega-firm. Any viewer would make a connection that it's no wonder their marriage matches fail. What transpires in this film is a series of mishaps, accidents, crimes, chases, and goofy goings-on. But they are not funny – even tragic in some instances. The script is weak and the whole plot just doesn't come off as comedy. Nor is the romance even imaginable, let alone believable. This appears like two films intertwined. The one is the fantasy, with the two spirits on a mission of "love." The other is crime, or more properly a bag of crimes. And somehow, comedy is supposed to link these. But it doesn't work. The cast mostly are OK in the characters they have to play, but overboard at times. There isn't a single likable character in the film. Ian Holm is the greedy, controlling, self-centered billionaire dad, Naville. Cameron Diaz is his spoiled rich, greedy, self- centered daughter, Celine. Like father like daughter. But in this case it's hard to like either character. This is a picture of a super wealthy dysfunctional family. Ewan McGregor is the disgruntled former employee who was replaced in his cleaning job by a robot. He is naïve, hapless and not very convincing in his role as Robert Lewis. Holly Hunter plays the extraterrestrial O'Reilly and Delroy Lindo is her cohort, Jackson. O'Reilly spends much of her time in bandages, splints and crutches from mishaps. Stanley Tucci is Elliot Zweikel, another supposed character for comedy. The mayhem amongst this motley assembly of characters is no more funny than someone shooting your best friend. That's what this film is – a collection of shootings and assorted crimes for laughs. It sends a message that all this is OK if the two subjects come together in the end. Since when does the end justify the means? Besides, who could believe that this match would last? It's easy to see why this film flopped at the box office and lost a few million dollars.

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