A Madea Christmas

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Alicia Witt as Cheryl Stoney
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Tyler Perry as Arthur
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Reviewed by Sal Souls 1 / 10 / 10


I am editing and re-posting my review of this terrible, terrible movie here because some delicate-as-a-flower troll reported my last one as "abuse" for some reason and I don't want the hassle of having to respond to IMDb every time they start to cry because my dislike of this stinker of a movie hurts their precious little feelings. That said, this movie really is garbage! The writing is terrible (if there even was any), the acting is somehow even worse, and Tyler Perry is so annoying, desperate and hammy that he makes me never want to see another movie again in my life! He has to be the worst writer-performer I've ever seen in a "real" Hollywood movie. Every single joke was awful and I didn't smile a single time. I actually felt angry when it ended because I forced myself to sit through the entire thing, hoping it would get better, when it never did. Tyler Perry owes me an hour and a half of my life back! I don't see why you would report me for my review, which contained no swearing or anything offensive. It simply featured me saying how bad I thought this movie was in colourful and entertaining ways. And guess what? This movie really is that bad, so why object to my review? Have you not read any of the other reviews of this tragedy of a film here or in any of the newspapers across the country? I hate to tell you but if you read any of the message boards about film that I have visited, the way people are talking about this (and every single other Tyler Perry movie) there would make your head spin until you vomit all over yourself. This movie is so awful that I feel like I want to rip off my own face and pull my eyes out so that I can't be forced to ever see it again and then take my eyes and shove them as far as I can inside my ears so that I can't ever hear the awful movie again or any other piece of garbage Medea movie or any of this man's awful movies at all. Then I feel like I will set those eyes and ears on fire to make sure they can't ever be put back then I'll jump off a building while eating eat gallons of poison and right before I hit the ground head first I feel like I will fire both barrels of a twelve gauge shotgun in my mouth up through my head to blow it right off. That is what I feel like doing whenever I think of this awful awful awful awful movie.

Reviewed by Scarecrow-88 6 / 10 / 10

A Madea Christmas

Well, if you enjoy Tyler Perry's brand of Madea humor, with the addition of Larry the Cable Guy's redneck shtick this might be to your liking. It has its message of "accepting those who love each other regardless of race" out there loud and clear. It also is quite vocal about keeping Christ in Christmas. There is plenty to annoy those who might consider Madea a loud and opinionated blunt force instrument, with no willy-nilly from her in regards to nonsense (well, nonsense she considers, that is). If you make it past Madea's outburst in a department store where she berates her boss, customers, and staff "wanting her money" after being fired, then this might be what you're looking for in a comedy. In order to supplement Madea's antics, there's a central plot regarding a school in dire need of help and the town Christmas Jubilee on the skids due to no funding available. It seems a dam stopped up the water that has caused a drought, and the company responsible will be funding the jubilee when a teacher (Tika Sumpter, who is a real beauty) requests financial assistance from an old boyfriend (JR Lemon). The company demands that Christ (or nativity scene tribute) not be mentioned during the jubilee as stipulated in the contracted signed by the city's mayor and city councilÂ…the town up in arms, Sumpter is eventually fired at the urging of a student's resentful struggling farmer father (Chad Michael Murray, of One Tree Hill fame) to the mayor. Also in the film is Sumpter's reluctance to tell her overbearing, controlling mom (Anna Marie Horsford; I know her from the Sherman Helmsley show, "Amen") that she is married to a white man who owns the farm she lives. Madea knows about it rather early and tries to urge the truth be spilled as the lies only cause frequent discomfort and aggravation, especially when Sumpter's in-laws arrive (Kathy Najimy and Larry The Cable Guy, who are quite a pair). Unusual and rather welcome is that the hick parents are actually okay with an interracial marriage while the African-American mom is the one who might frown upon such a union. Ultimately, of course, Horsford agrees to try and accept her daughter's choice of a husband. The interracial subplot is obvious in making its message important to the viewing audience, which doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I enjoyed how Madea is the one who tries to get it all out in the open and over with. Horsford and Najimy at odds was a lot of fun to me, and the blow up that eventually is resolved when Najimy and Larry go out to console Horsford in the hopes of getting her back in the house is rather amusing and sweet. If you are atheist, you might want to kind of stay away from this, although Madea does rather butcher the story of Jesus more than a little bit in a class. There's also a minor subplot involving a child Sumpter sees potential in (Murray's hard-working, bullied farm kid, with the mother played by Alicia Witt, who deserves better parts than this). With Eric Lively as Sumpter's "corn scientist" husband, given a lecture on milking cows by Madea and Larry, who was bulled by Murray and eventually retaliates. Included in the film is a groaner of a scene where Murray is pulled from a burning wrecked truck by Horsford so that he can redeem himself to all he's hurt. Perry knows his audience: those who love the wholly honest and unfiltered Madea with her own way of talking will find that character right here. If you don't: skip it or else.

Reviewed by tammyaphillips 6 / 10 / 10

Another okay Tyler Perry movie

Let me first say that I am a fan of the man Tyler Perry. His struggles, his perseverance, his rise to fame are inspirational to me and to so many others. He has had a hand full of good movies: A Diary of Mad Black Woman, The Family that Preys and the first Why Did We Get Married. Then, he has several movies that have a character and/or a scene and/or a particular actor/actress I like in them. I usually enjoy these movies and could see them again. Then there are the truly awful movies like the second Why Did We Get Married. Madea's Christmas is in the second group. I enjoyed this movie more than I expected to. There were some opportunities to laugh out loud. The cast was fine especially Anna Marie Horsford and Larry the Cable Guy. There were the poignant moments and once I actually had a tear trying to pop up in one eye. Seeing Blair from the Facts of Life was nice. If you are expecting an Oscar worthy movie, you will get your feelings hurt. If you want a movie you can enjoy with your family (they could have edited out the use of a particular curse word), you will be okay.

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