A Quiet Place Part II


Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 93%
IMDb Rating 7.6 10 14


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Djimon Hounsou as Man on Island
Okieriete Onaodowan as Police Officer
Scoot McNairy as Marina Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chickenugeet 6 / 10 / 10

That was it?

That's the first thing I said when the movie ended. I liked the movie but we needed more closure. In the first movie it was a good ending because we found out how to kill the monsters. But in this one, we already knew how to kill them, so it wasn't that big of a deal. Idk, maybe I was expecting more but it needed more closure.

Reviewed by blakeschellbach-68768 8 / 10 / 10

People cannot be serious with these ratings..

Once thing that is constantly pointed out as a pain point of horror/suspense movies is a either a character doing something highly illogical or plain dumb to create drama and/or further the story.... AQP1 refreshing did not suffer from this, it was more of a series of bad events that built upon each other and that allowed it to keep the creepy tone it was trying to cultivate. AQP2 however is driven by these type of things and it's what honestly makes the movie so difficult to watch. The most glaring example is the actions of the children, the son's actions being slightly kore egregious then the daughters. The son, after getting his leg clamped down by a bear trap (in so much pain he openly screams out knowing it could lead to his death)... decides to investigate their living situation in the warehouse when his mom leaves to get supplies...also leaving him in charge of watching the baby. This action is so absolutely idiotic I can't even imagine a child would engage in it. His leg/ankle was just destroyed by a bear trap, he has been tasked with watching his little brother and on top of all that throughout both movies he's shown that he is generally pretty scared at the idea of these creatures and only desire to be brave when it's out of necessity... despite ALL OF THIS, he goes against physical pain, his defined personality, common sense and task of watching the baby to go investigate his surrounds... for literally no reason. Of course on cue he sees a dead person behind a curtain, makes a lot of noise and attracts the aliens... this one just made so little sense on so many levels. Also the mother not expressing saying, "hey this tank is almost out of air, don't put your sibling in the box just in case I can't find any air or don't come back" or something along those lines feels like an obvious miss. Then the daughter, deaf deciding to go out on her own and investigate the radio signal. Despite the obviousness that she is single handedly the worst person for this (as she cannot hear any noise she may be making) at least it was set-up in the previous movie that "stubborn" and "believes she can do anything" is right in her wheel house... so at least that tracked. Other non-logical things like "rouge bandits" setting up elaborate traps, made very little sense in this type of post-apocalyptic atmosphere. Every person you rob is essentially a time-bomb that can kill everyone by making a bunch of noise (as what obviously was foreshadowed and happened) is it worth robbing a random person out in the world of everything they have (which if they are caring stuff probably isn't much), leaving them with nothing and a reason to just say "screw it" and start screaming? The risk to reward seems flimsy and the thought of roving bandits seems illogical in this type of post apocalyptic world. Also, say they weren't roving and were living around the docks... they never had a situation where one of the monsters fell in the water? They never saw the fires at night on the island? Again, just didn't make a ton of sense. There were little things here and there as well like: 1). The close-ups of them wearing no shoes to keep noise down, emphasizing just how important it was... to then everyone else is running around in shoes/boots. 2). The "hidden" message of beyond the sea playing over and over... why not just record a message in a loop saying exactly what you mean? Are you worried the aliens are going to hear that but not have the mental fortitude to decipher your sneaky song based message? Like who are you trying to poorly code this for?!? 3). The daughter trying (in a train filled with dead people) to push against a stuck door for a first aid kit, which was obviously building to a jump scare where she would make noise (it was a dead person behind the door, who would have guessed?!) 4). The car scene on the island where they lure the monster far away from the base, but then Djimon Hounsou starts believing that for some reason the monster just ran away and stands with his back to a half-open garage door, speaking at full volume about how he needs to "get back" and is obviously killed. All of these dumb decisions to drive action just ruined the surprise/creepy ambiance and made the movie painfully predictable and boring. Lastly the scene near the end where the daughter kills one of the monsters, she makes a bashing motion (like bashing over the head) instead of a stabbing motion with her metal pole, but then pulls it out of the monster as if she had stabbed it... that bugged me. The best part of this movie was the beginning, showing how it happened and that was honestly far too short and not detailed enough.

Reviewed by gbkimberley 8 / 10 / 10

A Worthy Sequel.....

.......and if you enjoyed the first one then you'll certainly enjoy this one too. Most sequels that flop tend to do so because the powers that be think the audience simply want exponentially more of the same thing that was in the original. More bad guys, more explosions, much, much more of everything. Except story and depth and character development. A Quiet Place II, thankfully, doesn't fall into that trap. It starts almost exactly where it left off. Right at the point in fact, where we were left wanting to see more in the first film. Then it simply and effectively expands on the original. Overall I rate it as good as the first instalment, if not marginally better in places. If it has any fault at all, it's in the runtime which, IMHO, is a tad short. We definitely wanted to see more though and who knows, maybe there'll be a third one? Let's hope so.

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