A Serbian Film

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Orpheus_Unlimited 1 / 10 / 10

This may not be the "Most Disturbing Film Ever"...but it's a piece of garbage anyway

I could give this...thing...zero stars. Or better yet, -10 stars. Unfortunately I can only go down to 1, so... First off, let me start by saying that I'm not a "faint of heart" kind of guy...and I can actually enjoy "disgusting" films. Take for example, Martyrs: it's a disturbing film, but has some weird mysticism to it that makes it good and enjoyable. Or The Human Centipede: awful movie, but it has such a twisted sense of humor that by the end you're thinking "gross!" and at the same time "hilarious!". But this...this...whatever they want to call it... this is some "you-should-be-in-Arkham-Asylum" type of "film". Yeah, I know that there's a lot of pseudo-philosophical criticism out there trying to explain that the underlying theme of society's moral decay and human corruption is somewhere around this thing...but I'm NOT one of those "critics". I think this is garbage. Pure and utter TRASH. I think this does NOT have any "social commentary" and it's only an insult to any sane person. This is one of the worst things I have ever seen. And I've seen some really twisted things in my life. This isn't "art". It's disgusting, revolting, nauseating, stomach-turning, appalling, abominable, vile, nasty, foul, loathsome, offensive, distasteful, putrid, ghastly and horrid...and I'm being nice. I'm not gonna mention any particular scene, but just let me tell you that as a man, husband, father and human being...there's just NO EXCUSE to do some of the seriously objectionable things they did in this atrocity. And I'm not blaming the actors. I'm just saying that the writer/director Aleksandar Radivojevic should be in a mental institution. This guy only made 2 movies (well, 3...but the other one was produced by Luc Besson, so he couldn't "move freely" in that one. Thank God): this sickening piece of crap...and another one about a guy that gets hired to film A SNUFF FILM. See the resemblance? It's obvious that Radivojevic has a "snuff fetish". He makes "movies" trying to sell them as "artistic work"...but deep down he's only a very sick puppy, just trying to satisfy his hunger for extreme violence and unacceptable behavior. If you have any amount of "good taste" you should stay away from A Serbian Film like I hope you would stay away from child pornography or an execution video. And yes, this "film" has comparable features with those two aberrant things. It's not that graphic...but it doesn't need to be. If I show you a dog and then I go to the next room and you hear banging sounds and 10 minutes of the most awful howling and animal cries and see blood splattering all over it...I'm almost as guilty as a psychopath showing you the actual torture and killing of a dog. That's not the same as showing you the dog and then going next door...hearing BAM! and then seeing me coming out of it all bloody. Get the picture yet? Do yourself a favor...and don't watch this. There's no "redeemable factor" in it. Nothing "memorable". No "well, at least "x" was good". If you're trying to waste your time, go watch some of the "Porky's" movies instead. They are Academy-Award pieces compared to this one. There's just no way you can enjoy something as hideous as this "film"...and some of its content will haunt you for a long time.

Reviewed by frankfiora1 8 / 10 / 10

Not shocking. Child's play to me

It's ok and worth a watch. But not as bad as everyone else is saying. I mean there is taboo things, but not shocking. I have yet to see a film that shocks or sickens me.

Reviewed by vasika_best 8 / 10 / 10


Always i'm searching for something original, something that you can't predict and something that could change my vision about this world, that's why i love horror and drama. Mostly i find something new in every horror i watch, but some of them actually bore me. Now about this movie. For sure i can say that this Movie didn't bore me for a single minute. I remained shocked after watching it, definetly it changed something in me. It is disturbing, it is maybe the sickest horror i've watched, but i can say i enjoyed it. I do not recommend it to anyone. I think that this movie isn't for a big part of us, but there are a small percentage of people in this world who would enjoy such a mindf..k.

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