A Sister's Revenge



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Alain Moussi as Jake
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Hamza Haq as Karl
Tim Rozon as Todd Mesmer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wes-connors 5 / 10 / 10

Lifetime Women Are Tops

Model-perfect blonde Brook Burns (as Suzanne) drives her car into a woman riding a bicycle, sending her to the hospital with broken bones. As it quickly becomes evident, Ms. Burns wants the woman's job as hostess at "Michael's Bar & Grill". Dressed for success and seduction, Burns crashes the interview sessions and is immediately hired by handsome Philadelphia restaurateur Tim Rozon (as Michael Miller). Burns lets her boss know she's available for sex, also, but Mr. Rozon declines. His wife Ashley Jones (as Catherine Kearney) is taking a year off work to stay at home and raise their newborn son Evan... This being a "Lifetime" TV movie, you might expect a devious woman plotting against a hapless male. You won't be disappointed... Rozon tells Burns he's going to be faithful to his wife, but she won't take "no" for an answer. Friends at work wonder how Rozon can "keep it at half mast." Things get wild. Although it's fun to watch director Curtis James Crawford and his team deal with the assignment, poor Rozon really should have taken action after either the handcuffs or blackmail incidents. Also, the sex tape looks like a drugged man is being sexually assaulted. Credit writer John Serge with having Rozon ask, "Why didn't I just tell her the truth from the start?" You've got to appreciate lines that that in movies like "A Sister's Revenge". ***** A Sister's Revenge (4/27/13) Curtis Crawford ~ Brooke Burns, Tim Rozon, Ashley Jones, Joe Marques

Reviewed by rps-2 9 / 10 / 10

Not bad... But..,

Okay. This is a pretty good nail biter even though it has all the stereotypes of the genre...perfect housewife...sexpot villain...good looking but shallow and sneaky husband...predictable ending. Gone With The Wind it ain't but it still was better on a snowy Sunday night than ploughing the driveway. But once again we have a film made in Canada and subsidized by the Canadian, Ontario and Quebec governments that is set in Philadelphia.(!!!) We prostitute ourselves repeatedly this way because with the remarkable inferiority complex of the Canadian film industry, we convince ourselves that nobody will watch a movie set in Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver or wherever. We create a few jobs for Canadian film editors, honey wagon drivers and second rate actors that way, but do nothing to enhance our national image. As a taxpayer in Ontario, why am I promoting Philadelphia?

Reviewed by edwagreen 9 / 10 / 10

Destruction of A Life-A Sister's Revenge ***1/2

Exciting taut thriller with a woman hell-bent on extracting revenge against a guy who impregnated her sister. The latter killed herself. What makes the movie this good were the ways that this gal goes about in trying to destroy the life of the guy. Putting roaches in the restaurant that he owned and subsequently setting fire to it, drugging the guy and then getting him bed, having him arrested for poisoning his wife which she had done, and finally the kidnapping of his infant son. The head lead is vicious, cunning and an absolute joy to watch on the screen. How she methodically planned each step in her evil plan is exciting to watch. Did anyone notice that the wife of the guy is a definite Hillary Clinton look-alike?

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