A Very Sordid Wedding

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Bonnie Bedelia as Ruth Squires
Dale Dickey as Daryl
Leslie Jordan as Murray
Whoopi Goldberg as Harriet Franklin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stevenjune 3 / 10 / 10


This 2nd Sordid movie (third if you count the amazing series) is lacking several things; 1) Olivia Newton-John. Whose character is not even mentioned in the entire movie. 2) The opening song ("Sordid Lives...it's a bitch") was sung by a guy not Olivia Newton-John. 3) The character of Sissy Hickey was played by Dale Dickey NOT Beth Grant as in the first movie and the series. I like Dale as an actress, but Beth made the character funny and unique. Dale looked liked Sissy with flatter hair. She had some of Beth's motions down but still, the character felt incomplete. 4) There were no plates of fried chicken at Sissy's house. 5) Sissy & the girls drank soda not iced tea like in the first movie and series. 6) The living room of Sissy's house was changed-the wall where the picture of Jesus hung was torn down so you could see to the kitchen. The picture of Jesus on the wall above where Sissy sat, smoked and popped Valiums made it ironic and funny. 7) There was only one scene where Valium was used. And only Sissy took some. In the first movie/series they all ate Valium and stole them from each other like candy; Ironic and funny. 8) Dr. Eve was only in the movie in Brother Boy's dreams/visions which lost the effect and dynamic of those two characters. 9) The recycling of one liners that were funny in the first movie/series but not so much in this film; "Let's get this done before anymore shit hits the fan", "I'm not obese, it's a glandular problem", 10) Loss of irony-which made the first movie and the series unique and humorous. 11) Juanita's stories were nowhere near as funny as in the first movie/series. It wasn't a bad film. I think it it could have been a whole lot better and funnier. I would recommend the series followed by the first Sordid Lives movie. All the key elements are in place in these two. And they're hysterically funny and entertaining. Sordid Wedding seems thrown together with very weak dialogue, situations and some important and funny characters and actors missing.

Reviewed by friscolver 6 / 10 / 10

Drag Queens and Gays - forget this movie

I never saw Sordid Lives before. Maybe I should have. Came upon this movie at random, didn't know what to expect. My opinion? Save your money. This movie has it all, for starters, way over-done, too many ingredients, out of focus, should have been simpler and with more clarity. Add to that, bad script, bad directing, bad acting, bad editing (screenplay). This movie is all over the place and drifts away from main subject (of the wedding) so much that I found it confusing. Compare it to the Birdcage with Robin Williams. Now THAT was a great movie! Sordid Wedding had way too many characters to keep up with. Unnecessary. Getting back to bad script, actors lines seemed unnatural. Bad editing, too much camera time devoted to the old man drag queen. I found this character boring and really didn't help the movie at all. Bad directing, Is this wannabee director trying to be funny or serious? Make up your mind. Go back to film school. Whoopie Goldberg? I mean, like, what's the point?

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 6 / 10 / 10

Did you find me?

The film centers on a family living in a small white conservative town. With the brother being a cross dresser and the son being gay and having married a black man, the family changes its views in order to be a family again. The film had a lot of good characters that kept falling short. The action and dialogue was too trite and scripted. The church climax scene with the Bible challenge was an over used argument. The film would have been good with some minor script adjustments and some stars in the major roles...like Meryl Streep. Guide: F-word. Brief sex. Brief male nudity.

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