Abandoned Dead


Crime / Horror / Thriller

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Judith O'Dea as Doctor Pamela Myers
Sarah Nicklin as Amber
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 2 / 10 / 10


Rachel (Sarah Nicklin) is a contractor security guard who is afraid of the dark, night, especially after midnight. She is coerced by her boss to work Memorial weekend night shift at the Mayfield Addition Clinic. Here lights go out at random and things appear that aren't there etc. We are told in the most boring drone monotone about three unsolved murders that took place at the clinic. At 40 minutes into the film we find out why Sarah is afraid of the dark, and at 60 minutes we discover something about the killer....then at 10 minutes from the end, oh never mind we find out the real story. The film consisted of Rachel walking around with a flashlight apparently seeing stuff and having flashbacks. Or we are in a monotone subplot that made little sense until the last 10 minutes which really didn't explain things like the idiotic payphone scenes. I would highly recommend "Last Shift" instead or maybe banging your head against the wall until you see stars. Guide: no swearing, sex, or nudity. Sarah Nicklin in orthopedic bra/panties...anyway they were really ugly.

Reviewed by jonerogers 7 / 10 / 10

a total Mishmash

Well what can i say? the score of two stars is generous, one star for the pizza delivery boy delivering a pizza to the victim was the best bit of acting and the other star to make it an even number. if you take the staff from a small local supermarket, two old radios, lots of cheesy music, a man resembling a modern day columbo and a woman obsessed with a large torch and throw them into a small space you have this film in a bag. the film is set in a medical centre that is empty and at night, a woman security guard is set the task of looking after it and fights demons of a sort, well two very small scenes lasting 10 seconds each. the rest of the film sees her brandishing a large torch, walking around looking for noises. with an old fashioned radio that keeps making whining noises. Loud clangs of bells. the most exciting part of this is when a pizza delivery boy knocks to deliver the pizza she's ordered and gives her some abuse for not tipping him more. meanwhile a policeman {columbo} is walking around the city and doing nothing but answer random phones on the street to hear a man groaning 'she's not safe' the end of the film has a twist but its not even worth a mention.. I hope that i save another from actually wasting time in their life for watching the worst acting and script writing i have ever seen, go watch some tom and jerry cartoons, far more entertaining then this.

Reviewed by media-87144 7 / 10 / 10

Really good Suspense Thriller!

Directed by Mark Curran, Abandoned Dead is a pretty great suspense thriller. When first watched as a horror film, I would have rated this lower, but despite the name and couple of goryish scenes, it's more of an introspective look into the life of a security guard who is working an extra shift, and has to deal with some psychological mystery surrounding the place she is guarding. There is some nice camera-work and lighting, some good acting, and everyone involved did a great job from cast to crew. Sarah Nicklin does a great job as the main character Rachel, who plays the security guard the movie focuses on. The atmosphere was great for what they were trying to accomplish with this film. I would definitely give this a watch if you are into suspenseful thrillers, and keep an eye out for more films from Mark Curran and team.

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