Abnormal Attraction

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March 31, 2019



Bruce Davison as Tom Oakley
Leslie Easterbrook as Patient #2
Malcolm McDowell as Himself
Ron Jeremy as Announcer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LoremIpsum321 1 / 10 / 10

IMDb should do something about the influx of fake reviews

All the lame, cheap, awful "movies" feature tons of fake reviews these days, contributed by users with one review only according to their profiles. The same is the case here. Said fakers praise the crap out of this piece of garbage with the most ridiculous attributes they can think of. Nowadays you really have to check peoples profiles on IMDb after reading very positive reviews, what a bummer! I only watched around 30 minutes, didn't laugh once during that time, although I already had the impression this movie was a waste of time within the first couple of minutes. I should have followed my gut feeling sooner and I would have spared me much more of this "Abnormal Atrocity" which should be the correct title of this stinker. Its score went from over 7 down to currently 4.7, and it's still way to high.

Reviewed by chiricomatthew 8 / 10 / 10

quite the comedy

Very impressed right off the bat and did not expect how funny it would be.

Reviewed by d-ramseeey 8 / 10 / 10

Pretty Good

Wait, why all the bad reviews? I actually liked this. Super creative and hilarious but perhaps the crude language was a little much but hey it's still a fun flick to watch. If monsters is your thing then watch this. 8 stars from me

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