Accidentally Engaged

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April 8, 2020



Joan Severance as Sandy Byers
Lexi Atkins as Nicole
Lexi Giovagnoli as Andrea Lawrence
Maureen McCormick as Zephyr Commercial
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by teodoadoja 3 / 10 / 10


The movie had too many awkward scenes and it seems like they weren't finished. Not too bad but still bad, the main actor was the only one who did a okay job.

Reviewed by katiespitfire 2 / 10 / 10

Your average ho hum run of the mill TV Movie.

I never expect too much from these made for TV movies. At best they're like internet fan fiction so I knew what to expect. The male lead is pretty good, the female lead isn't. Clarissa's parents are really cute but the rest of the supporting cast (with one or two exceptions) look like they were randomly selected off the street. If you're looking for the TV equivalent of 'Kalms' this is it. It's bland, sweet fayre and won't win any awards but then it doesn't claim to either. Incidentally, the soundtrack is bloody awful, truly bad and spoils the decent moments of the film. One for a rainy afternoon with a big box of chocolates.

Reviewed by smithduke 2 / 10 / 10

Horrible acting/directing

I typically love this kind of movies, and I'm usually generous with my ratings compared to others reviewers, but this was terrible due to the acting/directing. In all fairness, Brant Daugherty was believable and natural. Lexi Giovagnoli, who played Clarissa, was dull, stiff, and had no personality. Nthenya Ndunda playing her friend Veronica was barely understandable, and she just jumped around and giggled. It was laughable when the main characters would walk into a room, and everyone just stared or looked at each other without saying a word. I kept thinking to myself that this is not up to Hallmark's standard and checked IMDb for the company credits. This movie was not produced by Hallmark, and it showed. Yes, I know many think Hallmark movies are overly cheesy, but I love them.

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