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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nrcalgl 1 / 10 / 10

Still trying to figure out the 7.5 out of 10 stars

It really was that bad. Other reviews have the basic plot pretty well defined. Her mother and father assist Jews out of Nazi Germany until they themselves are found out. Their last act was to help their daughter to escape the hands of the Nazis. Perhaps there is some validity to this story but I see nothing online that lends to this being an actual account. Thank goodness because the movie is just so unbelievably bad. It's not the cinematography that is so horrifically bad; it is the entire story line. It is absolutely inconceivable that this young girl survives with or without any skills in a magically hidden forest in Germany during the Nazi regime. Yet somehow she does. We are to believe that she is 12ish, based on costume, in the beginning and at the end of 3 years alone has come to resemble Xena Warrior princess who hunts with a stick. And, a very well fed Xena. I found that to be appalling to the point of insulting. Don't usually write reviews, but in this case, it was necessary. Bad, bad, bad movie.

Reviewed by theficklefox 5 / 10 / 10

Low Quality Acting and Plot Holes Ruin a Story Worth Telling

It's unfortunate that the main actress overacted in much of the film and that her wig was so obvious. That; and the glaring plot holes such as the missing nazi guard at the end; were very distracting to a story that could have been much better told. This is a worthwhile story- and deserved more care in its telling. We; as a society; tend to rate movies about nazi Germany, cancer, aids etc; much higher than they would have been otherwise. We all recognize the importance of remembering. But this felt lazy.

Reviewed by allanradman 5 / 10 / 10

Not very believable

A story of a young woman who hides from the Germans after her family is sent off to a concentration camp. It's not very believable, nor very interesting. Not sure, really, how it got such high ratings. The woman's hair never grows though she's been living in an abandoned and dilapidated house in the middle of nowhere. She never gets dirty, nor grimy, though she lives in squalor. Her clothes are never tattered nor even frayed. The blanket she sleeps on is always washed. Then one day her hair is much longer. One day the worst British paratrooper in the British army happens to wonder into her house. So after being on her own for years she looks fine (rosey cheeks, red lips, perfect hair and clean) but she takes his food and gives the impression she hasn't eaten properly for 3+ years. You only know the British soldier is a paratrooper from his maroon beret and English accent. Otherwise, there are no insignia's on his overcoat/cap/undergarments. By the way, only the Germans speak their native tongue. Everyone else is fluent in English as if it is his/her first language (filmed on location in Canada, perhaps?). As for the costumes it looks more like the wardrobe department found the surplus uniforms at the local Salvation Army thrift store. It just looks as if something is wrong. Aside from that, and given 1960s era TV filmed WW2 shows mostly in Southern California, I found myself looking for other titles to watch 30 minutes into the film. Over the course of 3 days I finally finished the film. 5/10

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