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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cmovies-99674 6 / 10 / 10

Good mayhem

PROS: A good pro to acknowledge was how intense the movie was. You truly got scared. I don't think a person could watch this and not be at the edge of their seats. At the beginning of the movie there was something off, which really set the whole tone/mood for the rest of the film. As the movie continued and the mayhem kept enlarging you ended up getting completely engulfed in the entirety of the movie. You were scared when the director wanted you to be, you were sad when the director wanted you to be, and you were amazed when the director wanted you too be which is remarkable because it is so rare to have a director to have full control over your emotionsÂ… Just simply remarkable. CONS: Besides basic mishaps there were other large things that I felt actually hurt the movie. For starters the acting was meh. I don't feel that they really even were there. They could've been nonexistent and not even of hurt the storyline at all. This also says something about the storyline. Although I really respect creativity in horror movies, especially movies that make their own genre by themselves,but for me personally I din't really get what any of anything meant. Whats the door? Whats the fog? Whats the key? If anyone has any good answers please let me know!

Reviewed by Charles Reichenthal 10 / 10 / 10

An indie that indicates fine futures for all

Wow... What a nice surprise this film is. Watched it one evening and thought it was going to be just another minor league chiller. Instead, I found a thriller-chiller-mystery that is remarkably made on what may be a small budget... It doesn't look like a small budget, because everything is done with striking ability. One does know the genre at once, but one can enjoy the swirling 'who-what-where-how' for its entire length. The two actors show enormous potential and do absolutely super work. I want to see more of them...and more of the director of this indie. When you mix 'Outward Bound' with a contemporary appearance and then zap the audience with nicely executed twist, you have a fine piece of cinema. Congrats to all.

Reviewed by Kathleen Pritchett 10 / 10 / 10

After: A Great Movie

I have watched this movie several times and love it. Why? It begins with Freddy and Ana (20 somethings) traveling on a bus late at night traveling back to their homes. They attempt small talk and Freddy, a comic book illustrator draws a sketch of Ana (nurse returning from vacation). Then, the bus crashes. They wake up in a dark, smoky adaptation of their hometown. No one is around, it seems to be night, and both are very bewildered. The viewers are allowed a peek at their childhoods (which are in color and have people within the scenes). These peeks give much information for the viewer. Once when they were about 10 years old, they brushed shoulders at a local carnival. It is through these scenarios that the viewers are aware that the story they are living in this smoky, abandoned world is partly from Freddy's drawings and Ana's story that she had written as a child. They are going about this town looking for people, trying to figure out where this place is while trying to escape. (Note: Freddy, as a child, drew a comic entitled, The Veil, an obvious but well-hidden hint to their situation.) All the while, this town is being engulfed by a very immense 'smoke storm'. As it comes in contact with parts of the town, the town disappears. Because of this, both Freddy and Ana must find a way back to their 'real' life. They realize they are counting down the hours. Part of the story involves a simple, childish play written by a 10-year old Ana. It is about a knight/prince waging war with this many sharp-toothed, drooling monster. As a result, when acting this play, tragedy strikes. This shows the true relationship of Freddy to Ana. Finally,they do battle the monster and discover how their lives are so involved by fate. They discover how their attitudes and beliefs were shaped by certain misconceptions. Without giving the ending away, I can say that much of the film is symbolic of many things which have happened to both characters. It shows that reality is often not reality - just one's perspective. And, it makes you think about what they really were going through while in this dark town.

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