Air Marshal


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jpc1012 1 / 10 / 10

Takes the Cake

Air Marshal is one of the most pathetic and disgraceful pieces of work ever done since the dawn of civilization. I can not imagine any of the people involved being able to go home and look at themselves in the mirror and believe that they earned an honest days work. Lets start from the beginning, some of the worst possible acting that has ever occurred on the face of the planet. The corny lines, where "BRETT PRESCOTT" tried to be funny, are absolutely the biggest farce in the world. Um, next would be the plot. Completely terrible, difficult to follow considering there is not logical sequence, and it down right sucks. Lybia, I believe is spelled Libya, but hey, Who's counting? These special forces are rebels without a clue. The hand signals that BRETT uses really show how great of a leader he is. Then they raid the building, and have a stare down for a while. Then they finally decide to shoot, and they don't hold back one bit. They pepper the place pretty good leaving nothing behind. Then when exiting the building, instead of leaving out the front door, they decide to bomb through a stone wall, in genius. Last of all, they fail the mission by letting the hostage kill himself. Great job guys!!! Finally this takes us to the plane. Was it me, or did the constant touching of the little boy by everyone, kinda make you cringe. Anyways, I'm not sure how many times that I counted PRESCOTT getting his ass beat, getting his gun taken away, getting passengers shot and killed, and basically screwing up. Speaking of people getting killed, did anyone notice as soon as someone got the slightest flesh wound, they would instantly die ex... the pilot, the terrorist with the hatchet that barely nicked his back. These terrorists were real smart cookies. They had numerous times to kill PRESCOTT, but no they don't. Instead they kill the biggest threat, the guy with the phone and of course the Buddhist. Wow good choices. The intel guys in DC really kept their composure well. I feel so much safer since 9/11 when dingleberries like that make decisions that affect our national security. Then that brings us to the HIspanic partners in all of this. Um...WHO THE HELL WERE THEY??????? Oh well, no explanation. Then the Senator, who by the way was apparently butt buddies with the president, decided to make the ultimate sacrifice and said "Lets Roll." Galliant effort, as one flesh wound completely halted their lackluster efforts. Great job guys. Way to take one for your country. Finally, the kid who decided to stroll up to the cockpit, which was okay by the way, helped land the plane. Hmmm. when the movie ended wasn't their still one terrorist still on the plane that was unaccounted for??? Ahh who cares anyway, PRESCOTT did his country proud. One of the worst movies in history, but funny enough, I've enjoyed making fun of it so much, I guess you could consider it entertaining after all. Thanks for reading this.

Reviewed by d3-1 1 / 10 / 10

Pretty bad

If you like fake Hollywood cookie-cutter movies, this is the film to beat. Despite being overtly explicit with its support of racial profiling and portraying Muslim Arabs as terrorists and big hunky white guys as heroes, the plot line is overly-predictable and the characters shallow and annoying. The acting isn't bad, nothing too amateurish though. Certainly written in the post 9-11 heyday, continuing the Hollywood stance of marginalizing targeted branded minorities of the sorts done in Air Force One and True Lies. Also, the camera shakes throughout the movie, simulating the plane flying through air - gets annoying.

Reviewed by louis_vanden_broecke 1 / 10 / 10

The Worst

Others have already pointed to the stereotypes in connection with 9/11. I will focus on tech details of the aircraft. An American crew that operates a simulated (Russian) Tupolev 134 with a Bulgarian registration! They even had an elevator in the plane to make the audience believe this was a 747. The designer of the cockpit must have been either delirious or suffer from another major psychiatric disorder. That also goes for the special effects people. The airplane movements were totally unrealistic and probably the result of a doped flight simulator sequence. The film was aired by a commercial TV-station. It was enough to switch off after 10 minutes. It couldn't be more incredible.

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