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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eventpix 8 / 10 / 10

A good film well worth seeing

I saw this movie. Akron, at NewFest here in NYC and liked it. Both guys were attractive and it was very romantic, sometimes erotic, and interesting because their relationship was accepted by both families, even the Latino father of the character played by Matthew Frias. Joseph Melendez, the actor who played his father, was at the screening and he mentioned that he was eager to play the part of a Latino father who didn't, stereotypically, throw his gay son out of the house. The interesting plot really revolved around an event that was not related to the gay theme at all. However the movie has a 3.7 rating on IMDb which is ridiculous and, to my mind, is another proof that IMDb is being trolled by homophobes. Many years ago the website created a complex rating system that was designed to minimize attempts by the industry to puff up their product, by having all their employees give a film 10 for example, or having a popular star instruct fans to do the same. The problem is that at that time the present culture of mean, negative, trashing commentary was only just rearing its ugly head and IMDb has apparently done nothing to try to minimize this newer phenomenon. Of the 112 people who rated this movie, 23 gave it a '10' and then the ratings gradually ramp down from there until you get to 41 people who gave it a '1' rating. Are we really supposed to believe that 41 people saw this gay themed movie in its very limited distribution and hated it so much that they ran home and logged into IMDb to rate it as low as possible? In addition, none of these 41 people hated it enough to bother to write a single negative review. It seems to me that if just one anti-gay group told its members to go home, register for IMDb, and trash the film it could be very effective in warping the IMDb ratings for a small film like this..... a church with a large Latino membership in Akron who objected to being portrayed as gay accepting comes to mind..... just sayin'. So the point of all these words is to suggest that it would be wise to think twice before avoiding a gay themed film just because it seems to have a abysmally low rating on IMDb.

Reviewed by johnfox-56042 8 / 10 / 10

Excellent acting, script, direction, and emotional impact

As of this writing, I have 2,371 movies in my library. And while having and having watched repeatedly many of the 2,371 movies in my library, I am not a professional movie reviewer. But I believe that I do have an informed opinion about what is good and what is not good in movies overall. The number of low and lowest ratings that some gave "Akron" (2015) surprised me, in part because I have given "Akron" a "10". So when I was recently visiting relations in Akron, Ohio, I asked several of my Latino relations about the allegations that a heavily Latino local church may have organized a number of the church's congregants to write IMDb for the purpose of slamming Akron (2015) because Matthew Frias was Latino and had competently played a gay young man in a very favorable light, within a story line that was very favorable to a gay love affair. One of my relations turned out to be one of the church congregants who participated in this fraud, and then happily detailed just how this fraud on IMDb was orchestrated within the church itself. This relation stated that apparently none of the congregants had actually watched "Akron" or Matthew Frias, or if they had, they had only done so for a few minutes. The moral of this is very simple, as far as I can see. Be very careful when using the ratings assigned to movies that some might find politically charged. And be very, very careful when religious groups target movies like "Akron" (2015) for whatever reason. "Akron" (2015) deserves a "10" rating for all of the right cinematic reasons.

Reviewed by reggeduser 8 / 10 / 10

Good movie, but....

The movie has a captivating plot (with an amazing coincidence that is a characteristic of usual Korean dramas). But I couldn't help but feel a backdrop of sermonizing, self-delusion, and undeveloped morality. It's pretty clear that we are supposed to sympathize with the mother, and later admire her for her forgiveness. But whom is she forgiving, and for what? She is angry at everyone but herself about the tragedy that occurred when by rights she was the person most responsible for it. She was the caretaker of the children that day and I fully expected her to have an epiphany that she was blaming everyone else because she was unable to forgive herself or acknowledge her ultimate blame. But that never came - we were left with her being some sort of hero of forgiveness when the people she forgave never deserved blame in the first place. Forgiveness is an act of condescension, a putting of oneself into a position of judgement. We are supposed to admire her act of self-aggrandizement. The movie ends without any resolution of her guilt and the message that sometimes we just need to forget. A bit of insight by the people involved would have raised the jejune level of human psychology displayed.

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