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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jorgeppires 8 / 10 / 10

A must-see commentary

Made in the aftermath of the sixties - and not without a hint of LSD - this view on the life, times and troubles of a young movie director, is also a must-see commentary on the relations between art and industry, independent film-makers and big-time producers, American cinema and European cinema. Glorious appearances by Federico Fellini (a hard-working man, whom Alex disturbs in Cinecittá while he's editing a TV special) and Jeanne Moreau serve as extra features that will attract every real movie-buff. At the same time, the movie owes much of its intensity (and/or intimacy) to a close-knit cast, where even the director and his wife are listed. And for very good reasons. If you still think at cinema as an adventure in the making, you won't be disappointed by this one.

Reviewed by Vyth 9 / 10 / 10

great slice of a life...

I really liked this slice of California in the 70's (late 60's?) Donald Sutherland rules. plain and simple.. his charisma would carry a film even if it were not so well put together as this one... his character is likable but realistic, faults included.. whatever.. I just wanted to recommend the film.. I like a film to set a mood and take you there.. and this does just that, i feel like I know what it would be like to be a director on the verge of having it all in the early 70's, and for an hour and a half I lived it with the cast.. I felt like the mood was similar to that of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", at the beginning, just watching Richard Drefuss's character with his family.. just like a glimpse of what that life would be.. with the good times, and the arguments etc etc.. no explosions, no car chases, just a slice of life.

Reviewed by vigilante-scorpio 9 / 10 / 10

it's that simple: great movie

Alex in Wonderland is a great movie. As usual there are users on IMDb who are dissing this movie, telling: ooh, this is the worst D. Sutherland movie, it's so boring, this is not actually a movie (sic!)more short scenes bla bla bla...that's normal. They have a different taste, they've expected something else, who knows....some familiar people were dissing lot of other great directors, you know the ones which were categorized as unconventional, as if movies should been made conventional and well structured including dramaturgish suspense romance and being thrilling also and having "well written screenplayed executived characters"...or: they're knowledge in movies could fill a regular bean halfway.... Alex in Wonderland is a near to life movie. I've found myself in some scenes or better, my thoughts. D. Sutherland is bombing in his role playing really deep. He is a long-haired, bearded, free -soul director, who's trying to find a subject for his next movie...and then a lot of funny & strange things are taking place...(what a plot description) It's a movie for your brain & eyes, it's colorful and chilling and warm and intimate and surreal and sad...and it also leaves room for your own thoughts. For all you cine-dudes and D. Sutherland fans give this gem a try. (You can also catch it on TCM) And don't give this dumb user any importance who was saying "And what's with the "pedofile" scene at the beginning of the movie"...What a jerking doh-doh! In this particularly scene Alex Morrison takes a bath with his child. Which loving father or mother on this holy earth wouldn't take a bath with their own beloved child...If you call that a "pedofile" scene, then there is no hope for you fella, you're just sick &'re head is empty.

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