Alex & The List

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Elvy Yost as Irene
Jennifer Morrison as Meaghan Eastman
Julie Gonzalo as Blair Krank
Patrick Fugit as Dwight
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by welsh_chick-67910 2 / 10 / 10

Don't waste your time.

I will be honest, i only watched this film for Jennifer morrison and even she couldn't save my interest from declining from this film. First they could have cut this film to 90 mins easy, it was way to long. How this film can be classed as rom com is beyond me. I think i laughed twice and romance what romance!!! Save yr time on this one and don't bother!! Even if yr a big fan of any of the actors... its not worth it!

Reviewed by jadzia92 4 / 10 / 10

List not worth checking

I saw this movie because it featured Karen Gillan. Karen worked on this movie sometime before she had her long hair shaved off to play Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and Alex & The List has Karen with her beautiful long hair intact. However the release of Alex & The List did not prove forthcoming until May 4 2018 in the US. May 4 2018 incidentally was the original release date for Avengers: Infinity War also with Karen as Nebula before it was brought forward a week earlier. Having now seen Alex & The List I can easily understand why its release got delayed because it is simply isn't good. This film felt off to me as I was watching it and thinking on it now the premise of what the said list was about was absolutely ludicrous and it fell very flat on its face when the denouement was delivered. Karen appears fleetingly between scenes and speaking as someone who loves her very much her talents were wasted here with what she was given. Alex & The List has been described as a rom-com but it is not in anyway funny. A better rom-com and certainly my favourite is Not Another Happy Ending starring Karen herself. Matthew See The Chinese Man who is love with Karen Gillan

Reviewed by pkpera 4 / 10 / 10

Not a comedy, even less a romance

Funny moments were really rare, same is with dialogs. Since it is described in storyline, and visible well on movie poster, I will not spoil if say that only reasonable reaction, what can normal man do when gets such list is rejection, even break. What is done actually, but after it we have more than 1 hour of pretty much surreal human behavior and even characters. That pseudo Italian guy - come on. There is no parent who wanted such idiot for his daughter. Acting was actually good. Karen Gillan is now on top, it's sure. But not sure she will be proud with this movie. Actually, her character was only one, what could be considered as realistic, normal human behaving, despite was presented as some quirky one. Irony ? Indeed, there was some irony in all this. The reason for low ratings is in story, bleak main character, and for sure in some plot holes. And mostly because the ending. First stage of ending was little over top. Not romance at all. Then very-very finale ... Hmm that reminded me on movie with Diane Lane and those four legged creatures :-) Yes, happiness has different ways, money is certainly not it, nor white toots. Writers were happy with what they done, I guess. Most of people not, it seems. This was better watchable than my rating of 4 suggests. But I was really disappointed by story development and ending - no, it is not unhappy ending, just to say it. What genre was it, really ? "You, the viewer have too much time, and you are not much smart. We did good job teaching and amusing you." Actors and we deserve better.

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