All I Want for Christmas


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jelinafck 9 / 10 / 10

Everyone can be what they want to

This sweet christmas story is about the danish Santa Claus' daughter who wants to become a santa, but the rules says that only boys can be it, that's a tradition. Young Lucia won't give up and keeps going strong for what she believe in believing in that christmas miracle, but how it ends you should watch for urself. All I can say is that this movie really brings out that christmas spirit. Merry Christmas.

Reviewed by lillemy-13760 / 10

Really sweet Christmas movie with a good message

Lucia wants to be a "julemand" (Christmas man = Santa Claus), but she can't because "only males can do that. It's tradition". When she's given a task she has to complete in order to get accepted, it's only because the leaders of the school believes she can't succeed. This task leads to a wonderful story about believing in yourself and a great message of gender equality without being to preachy. I really enjoyed this movie. And the quality of the sets, costumes and production was really good!

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