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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peenkstarz 10 / 10 / 10

A Beautiful, touching tribute to Paradise.

This documentary was very beautifully done and was obviously made FOR the survivors of the Camp Fire. It was personal, emotional and beautifully executed. Clearly a lot of care went into this film. It showed different perspectives of the survivors, from those who lost their homes and the very few that did not. It was a beautiful tribute to the strength of a community and how quickly life can change forever.

Reviewed by reellycynical 10 / 10 / 10

So 2020......... PUKE

Every single review on this has 10 Stars? I love this one, "I could be biased because I'm a Camp Fire survivor".... ya think? If you guys want to get in a circle and sing Kum-By-Ya,... knock yourself out. - but this is NOT what you make a movie about. 10 Stars? Not even close.

Reviewed by whereamiatnow 10 / 10 / 10

The importance of local story telling

I don't know how many documentaries there are on the Camp Fire. I do know a vast majority of them are made by production crews that first time in Paradise was just after the fire. It is important that we celebrate local storytellers. "All Its Name Implies" was made for and by Paradisians. This is not some commercial enterprise to gain accolade and personal profit, it is healing a community through art. For a community to heal and rebuild itself the process needs to be owned by the community. We see it at all levels, the outside expert coming in to implement their idea of what is right. What if those outside experts came in and asked, how can I help? When asked, "How do you tell a good story?" You first make sure it is your story to tell. This film is a good story.

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