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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by philipposathina 10 / 10 / 10

The best realistic and profound story about love and loss ever on screen! An excellent film no "lonely man" should miss!!!

I am very much certain that this is the most under valuated film ever made! Surprisingly daring as it comes from a country where not even real love kisses were ever shown on screen, it could -far as its realism is concerned - come from any western country, my own included, where no barriers are put when it comes to presenting the real world in a movie picture. Furthermore the film goes far beyond a love story, as its goal is to show how some men – here represented by Alper, the main character of the film- get caught in the sly ambush called "life style" modern society puts for them, which in turn means "plenty" to satisfy a man's greedy and never ending luster for "freedom" "good times", and consequently, "sex"! When he meets Ada, Alper does realize that she is really worth to be with, therefore for the first time in his life he tries hard to make it with her. Yet, as time goes by, and in spite of something strong inside him telling him that he is in the right way, -for he does realize that this relationship has upgraded his life standard -, he finally gives in to luster calling him like the sirens called Ulysses, so, out of the blue, he breaks up with her, hurting her badly.Soon he has to deal with the consequences! Well, these consequences and the way they are illustrated in the film, is something I have never ever seen on screen before!!! As a person myself who is very much aware of the hard dilemmas a man has to face in his life, especially if he is very much absorbed by his life style of "plenty", I was like never before touched by the character of the "lonely man" portrayed in this film. And I have never ever cried this much as when watching it!!! To me this is an anthem to the men who become victims to their –seemingly – "welfare" ("freedom-independence-sex!")! And there are certain hints in the film that this "welfare" is strongly mastered by the man's libido. So, behind the surface, which is telling the story of an unfulfilled love, a lot in "Issiz Adam" reminded me of Steve McQueens's "shame" only, that one, by illustrating an extreme case, is focused even more specifically on what being ruled by his sexual libido really means to a man, and where this possession of mind may eventually lead him to. As in "shame", so in "Issiz adam" a man comes to realizing the catastrophic consequences of his choices when it's too late! Here, the inability of Alper to stay together with Ada in spite of the fact that he does love her after all, deals with his addiction to "being free" , in a "freedom" sexual fun is very much included! Playing Alper, Cemal Hunal, builds in a most heartbreaking way, the portrait of a tragic hero who falls victim to his own choices! The rest of the cast too, contributes to an amazing extend to keeping the film up to a level of really very high quality. I should mention the "mother" who, representing the values of a sweet tradition, feels the dangers of her son's way of thinking and tries to warn him about the no way out of his choices, and the bitterness the route to sweet loneliness may take him to. Beautiful songs and music -mostly Turkish - from the romantic 70's and 80's, serve as the perfect sonic background of the story and as a unique amplifier of its -at some points really very dramatic- sentimental power. Last but not least to mention: The unique, original,innovative way the director shows in the last 18 minutes long scene the ultimate desperation and devastation that rule the souls of the main two characters is really unprecedented, and make this film as much a realistic masterpiece, human, sad and heartbreaking as it takes!In this magic scene, the director manages to turn into motion picture not only what is visible, and not only the things the two x-lovers are allowed to say to each other framed by the restrictions of their present life conventions after 4 years of separation, but also their hidden, unspeakable,inexpressible and therefore extremely painful thoughts! The bleeding wound of –willingly or unwillingly – losing each other and the shock of all by chance meeting again -a meeting that obviously had often repeatedly happened in their dreams-, is absolutely eloquent in their faces, in their movements, in their words, and this shock combined with the desperation of dying to express feelings they are not allowed to show to each other, does inevitably reach the spectator and leaves him fully participating and thus devastated too! Their final embrace will break your heart! To make a long story short, do "discover" this piece of art! Especially if you are "lonely men" yourselves!

Reviewed by CihanVercan 5 / 10 / 10

When pessimistic emotions takes over our lives, can we say it is love?

Differently from his primal films, director Cagan Irmak dishes out a drama with using Expressionist cinema language on a romantic theme. Originally written for the screen his movie accuses the modern social conventions of the couples' relationships. A considerably usual plot brings two adverse social characters to light. Despite the Expressionist components, characterization is at a very low-degree. It doesn't attract any attention of how do these people live or what do they do for a living. Lovers meet for the first time in a pessimistic mood. The dialogues they use when they meet are coarse. Their communication coarsens even more and more until the guy tenders flowers to the girl. None of them could have implied any emotion wholeheartedly. Basically, they never fell in love. But at the end, they realized that they meant for each other, even though they are not in love. In order to direct a romance, a director should let the couple do their magic. Screenplay and the script was fruitful, yet the directing was poor. Quite evidently, there was never been a chemical accord between the lovers. They just acted as two toneless product of Expressionism. Story carried us to an ending of a man's meaning of life, which got us crushed under a heavy melancholy. At the final we took a deep breath when the secret melodrama was revealed. Foolishly we became a witness of this pointless melodrama by director Cagan Irmak. The selected soundtrack for this movie was praiseworthy. Although, even the songs that played during the corresponding scenes couldn't fix the lack of the acting. Synchronization turning out to be voice overs is used at the final scene with an influential mix of the editing of brainstorms and voice overs. At least the success of editing saved the film. Issiz Adam is a remarkable film because of its seeking for the relief of hopeless relationships of broken couples.There awaits a relationship movie far away from being considered as a romance. A wise well-known old saying says: "You can build relationships just with anybody, though you can only find the love within only one person".

Reviewed by sinekritik 5 / 10 / 10

A hard choice between love and freedom

It is hard to come across modern day love stories in Turkish cinema and I guess this made a great contribution to the popularity and box-office of the movie. However if you are a believer of old-fashioned love, you might feel a little bit discomforted with the movie, at least I did. The business of falling in love on Monday, making love on Tuesday, breaking up on Wednesday and forget about everything on Thursday has no buy in from me. I guess this kept me a little bit far to the story during the movie. Apart from that, the depiction of modern day city life is quiet successful . Isolation, hunger for love, dilemma of love and freedom are featured in a striking manner. The ending which is praised as the most powerful part of the movie makes no sense for me neither logically nor emotionally. Acting is quiet weak, especially in the beginning of the movie but the charm of the actors saves the day. The mother is an exception to this observation, her voice and acting is very powerful and she contributes a lot to her scenes. Movie soundtrack is superb in the sense that the songs and story are in perfect harmony. I believe the story would never have such an effect on the audience in the absence of the songs. All in all, this movie deserves nothing more than 6 stars. We now expect better movies as this movie proved that Turkish audience is ready to pay for modern day love stories.

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