Alone in the Dark 2


Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

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February 27, 2021



Danny Trejo as Roy Casares
Lance Henriksen as Captain Houdee
Michael Paré as Adam Anderson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Drew48 9 / 10 / 10

Not Bad For A Straight To DVD Release

I just can't believe that a sequel to an absolute rubbish film would turn out to be good. After watching the first crappy ALONE IN TE DARK I thought this one will also be the same, I rented it because I couldn't find another movie that looks good. Uwe Boll did not direct it so I was saying to myself "It shouldn't be bad as the first one". The film was better than I expected. The story has a good pace with plenty of "plot" and action through-out the movie, and the acting was surprisingly good. And with that I mean that some of the actors were actually really good and the others decent! So don't expect a perfect movie.

Reviewed by theodoremartin 1 / 10 / 10

Amazing cast

Alone in the Dark is one of my all-time favorite movies (OK, just kidding). Yeah, this movie isn't perfect, but it's not too bad either. Going in to this movie, I was fully expecting the same complete rubbish that Alone in the Dark was. However, I was fairly surprised. It was by no means perfect, but it wasn't that bad. It seems like a decent movie that was made with a really low budget. Only thing I don't know is, why is this movie called Alone in the Dark 2? It has not much similarities with the first film.. anyway its a good movie with some great actors :)

Reviewed by domindubai 1 / 10 / 10

Alone in the dark....too

I did not know what to do last night, as it was unexpectedly raining in Dubai. I stopped by the Grand Cinemas at the Mercato Mall and for some unknown reason, decided to spend...sorry waste 30 dirhams to see that movie. Yes, i found myself alone in the dark too ! The only guy in that movie theatre. At first i thought i was early, which actually was the case, then as the movie started, i realized that i was still alone in the dark. Then after half an hour watching that movie, i did understand why...But never did understand the story of that movie, if any. Anyway, arriving early was also good in itself, as i did at least enjoyed the commercials and movies preview. But Alone in the Dark 2, was absolutely crap ! Bad acting, with newbie actors staring from time to time at the camera ( Damned ! they told me already it is not a prop ! ), the worst special effects i have ever seen so far, the worst CG, the worst story and i still wonder how they managed to make a sequel. The veins appearing on that Chinese guy are amazing !!! You can even see the glue to stick them to the skin !!!! 1 (awful) out of 10, but honestly it deserves a 0 or minus something...

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