Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days

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April 3, 2019



Dong-seok Ma as High school zombie
Hyang-gi Kim as Byeol-yi
Jung-jae Lee as Popie
Jung-woo Ha as Yeong-hwa Yoon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Aktham_Tashtush 8 / 10 / 10

MY GOODNESS !! they delivered 200% of what I was waiting for ...

The plot was strong and connected ,, proceeding with saving the soul of Kim Ja-hong during a long trial of 49 days ... and introducing the side story of the kid and the grandfather and their protector was a bold smart choice ,, and finally we know the truth and connection between the trio "Gang-rim, Hae Won-maeg and I Deog-chun" ... It was literally near perfection, the cinematography and visual effects were spot on ,, and even the script had more action than the first movie it still didn't lose the emotional dramatic part. The cast was even better than last time ,, they now get along "in away" and you can feel the banter and back and forth comedic lines flying :D . The final two scenes in the credits were amazing and shocking and a possible open gate for "finger crossed" a third and last movie to see how the story of "Kim Ja-hong" will finally end :)

Reviewed by snsh-69473 10 / 10 / 10

Beautifully done

One of my acquaintance told me that the second movie is not as good as the first one. I.. disagree. It was heavy, yes. the story was great, a bit predictable but great. the first movie was like a fresh new idea for this kind of genre, but the second movie was like.. WOW If you love the first movie, you'll absolutely wanna watch the second one. Because this movie is the reason, the whole background story for the first movie. you wanna know how it happened, why and who is who. the 'who is who' part was a bit shocking for me :D wow.. it's been 2 hours since I watched the movie, I still have this.. heavy feeling. can't describe how much I love and adore the movies, and how great the story was. It's a must watch. *I knew it all along.. Yeomra*

Reviewed by yksamsungrox 10 / 10 / 10

Awesome seqeuel!

Strongly recommended, good sequel though some scene is easy to predict. Still don't cover the fact that it's an awesome movie

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