Amanda & Jack Go Glamping

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Adan Canto as Jorge
Amy Acker as Lois Lane
David Arquette as Rocket
June Squibb as Susie Gallagher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paulclaassen 2 / 10 / 10

Another perfect example why I don't like 'romantic' comedies.

There's a reason why I generally don't enjoy comedies, and especially romantic comedies. I have a few issues with this film. The couple's marriage is failing, but that doesn't really come across in the film. In fact, they seem perfectly happy most of the times, apart from husband Jack being a pessimist while wife Amanda is an optimist. Amanda sees the good in every situation and life in general, while Jack is the opposite. The glamping effect also didn't come across very well. They stayed in a trailer on a farm, which is hardly glamping. The film then sets up a scenario where it seemed the wife was into hunky Nate, but this was so forced, boring and predictable that it simply wasn't credible. The whole episode with Jack and the Rambo-wannabe kid in the woods was also just downright stupid and brought nothing to the table. The film then ultimately gives an idiotic 'twist' as to why we shouldn't like Nate. So what if he actually lives in Dallas and not Texas???? Yawn.

Reviewed by maximumcool 1 / 10 / 10

Dull and predictable.

I only watched this because I like Amy Acker and David Arquette and that's really the only reason to watch it, and sadly, is not enough. The script is boring and lifeless. I don't even know why it's listed as a romantic COMEDY because there is zero attempts at humor (beyond naming the Donkey Quxiote). But more than just dull the script is predictable. Once you find out David is playing a writer if you predict that his first book was very successful but that he's struggled since then and after moping around the whole movie it will conclude with him finding a fresh perspective on life and re-committing himself to his writing, then you're right. It's not a spoiler to say that's what happens because it's so clear from the start that that is what is going to happen. That's how the whole movie goes. She'll be temped to cheat on him, he'll make a big romantic gesture, blah blah blah. Just google "romantic comedy tropes" and go down the checklist if you bother to watch this. I wish these two charming actors would be in a movie I could endorse but this movie is just a complete waste of everyone's time. Sorry!

Reviewed by holly2613 1 / 10 / 10


I was hoping for a light, mindless escape. What I got with this movie was beyond a waste of time: poor plot, terrible dialogue, & totally inept, unlikeable characters. As a lifetime movie buff, I have sat through more than my share of lousy films. I would certainly add this to that pile of detritus.

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