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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by a_baron 10 / 10 / 10

Amanda Knox: Murder On Trial In Italy

The murder of Meredith Kercher is already one of the crimes of the century, and will probably remain so for all time because only four people know what happened that fateful night in Perugia: three of them are proved liars, and the fourth must be forever silent. Like the murder of Mary Phagan and the murder of Beryl Evans and her daughter Geraldine, there are other suspects. At the time, Evans was the only real suspect for the double murder, while the conviction of Leo Frank was based heavily on the testimony of a man who admitted being a party to the crime. Likewise the presence of Rudy Guede at the crime scene in Perugia cannot be ruled out, but does the murder require the presence of any other individual? This film argues compellingly that it does. Since its release there have been further legal developments which will continue for at least the next two years, and what then? "...Murder On Trial In Italy" is very well researched, and Hayden Panettiere plays the enigmatic Knox to a tee. It is clear from the opening scene that she and her Harry Potter lookalike boyfriend have something to hide. There are no concessions here to the extraordinarily effective public relations campaign conducted by the Knox family, and whatever mistakes the Italian police may have made, the exhaustive forensic and legal analysis made all the way up to to Italy's highest criminal court more than compensates for it. The film-makers have used a little poetic licence, and may not have solved the mystery entirely, but it is doubtful if anyone else will come closer anytime soon.

Reviewed by [email†protected] 8 / 10 / 10

A true story told accurately

The film faithfully reproduces very well what happened to Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, and to the whole investigation. This was the purpose of the film, and this goal has been achieved. It is not a film to be re-made, or to be burned up. Maybe, the only inaccuracy in the film, for me was that Raffaele Sollecito has never said that Amanda had gone out the night of the murder, he only stated that he had smoked a joint that night, after seeing a movie ,and has confused memories,but for what he remembered Amanda had never left his house We recommend viewing, because it is interesting and well done. Very nice interpretation of Hayden Panettiere (Amanda)

Reviewed by jasontheterrible 8 / 10 / 10

Well acted and well told

Very interesting presentation causing one to shift in belief about innocence or guilt. Initially I thought it was a fluff piece giving Amanda Knox a pass but then it tells the other stories from the other players and a strong picture of guilt emerges. I won't tell you whose. After following the actual trial pretty closely I thought this film presented all sides with precision. I don't know how well it depicts the emotion of the real characters but it seems like everything was well researched. The only fault I can find is Hayden did not really manifest that icy cold stare and personality that has been testified to by numerous players. The guard in the prison and two accusers for example. She was called the "ice maiden" by a guard and anti-social. HP's portrayal is much more girl-next-door and is fairly one-dimensional.

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