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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by [email†protected] 4 / 10 / 10

Some good/great things about this film but mostly not good and disappointing

Let me start by saying that this is a visually beautiful film. I enjoyed the directing and the way it was shot. The acting was good but what killed this film for me is that I did not care for any of the characters one bit. They were all so self-absorbed and created all of their problems that I couldn't sympathize with any of them. I found myself wanting to yell at them, "You are dumb!" at so many parts. I am surprised I actually watched the whole thing because of this, but it was because it a nice looking film to watch. People are saying, "it's young love" but when the parents themselves are acting like idiots, it's not just young love, it's dumb love. So I am officially changing the title to Amar Stupida and the writing to escriba stupida.

Reviewed by timucin_savas 10 / 10 / 10

Beautiful film!

Innocence. Such was the time where youngsters were all vulnerable and there is nothing in life but love. The film portrays a beautiful picture of those times without diving into much drama or thrill. This is life as it gets real and a turning point, where decisions taken will have an impact on the rest of these students' lives. They are unsure what to do, they don't know about what will make them happy, they want to experience life fully. Beautiful cinematography especially for the long opening and closing scenes where we see Laura and Carlos together, where the film gives the feeling of love-making rather than pure sex, which one can find in 99% of films these days. Acting is powerful, both young actors perform well, especially Maria Padrese fills the screen much similar to Adele in Blue is the Warmest Color. I tend to like first films, first books, debut albums. This is no exception!

Reviewed by jacobfrisch 10 / 10 / 10

A subtle masterpiece by Crespo

Fantastic movie that I would recommend to everyone. Best usage of subtle symbolism and imagery since "Blue Is The Warmest Color"(directed by Abdellatif Kechiche). Uses lightness and darkness to set up scenes and doesn't force hedonistic motifs onto the viewer but prefers to trust the viewer to come to it's own conclusions. Ending doesn't give any answers but leaves you with a sense of tragedy. Perfect movie to show the importance of opening and closing scenes and their symbiotic nature. Great acting by the two leads, with supporting characters holding their own as well. All in all, one of the most under rated movies of 2017 and deserving of an international audience.

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