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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10 / 10

An old friend passes

Back as juveniles five best friends who are believers form The Faith Club and vow to stay in touch. That's easier said than done. When the news that one of them died reaches Aaron Mees who is a chaplain in a Christian college goes out to Arizona to check things out. He finds that the friend has been working on a project for the faith for a few years. Mees also finds out that he was also carrying a terrible secret that could destroy the relationship he has developed with Sarah Beth Short. This is a pleasant enough film with a likable cast in a self contained world of believers. Not a film for more than church showings.

Reviewed by nammage 10 / 10 / 10

Nothing to 'Amaze'

I really do believe that the vast majority of good Christian films are mainly made by Catholics. This is not to say that Catholics do not sometimes make bad Christian films just saying the vast majority of protestant Christian films are basically all the same, and push the proselytising over the plot. This film, however, has no plot. At first you think it's about these group of Christian friends who create a 'Faith' group and when they grow up we see them meeting for it, or something. Then it turns to the character of Christian Andrews (Aaron Mees) who hitchhikes to a friend's funeral but comes too late but stays at his family's ranch and decides a chapel or church should be built on the ranch in honor of his friend...or something. I don't know... Then there's a romance and drunk people and horses and so many mini-mini-subplots. But if you can get past that you probably won't on the script, or the acting. I have never, in my life, except in cheesey films like this (and Canadian TV) heard people talk like these people. Sarah Beth Short (the love interest, Amy), I felt, was the only good thing about this film. She could at least act, and the way her lines flowed (and most others' didn't) she probably ad-libbed some of it, or most of it. As I said: these films place the message of Jesus (proselytising) before anything else which is quite strange if one thinks about it because the only people who typically would watch this film are other Christians and people like me who watch anything and everything (at least once.) I'm an atheist and have been for 29 years. If they think films like this are convincing: then they think the vast majority of people are idiots. Of course, there are plenty of Christians (of any denomination) who find films like this as nonsensical. Films like this are worse than Hallmark/Lifetime films because at least those films have plots that they (typically) don't forget about five minutes in.

Reviewed by barbiez_baby 10 / 10 / 10

Great Heart-Felt, Feel Good Film!

Forgiveness and new beginnings are themes through this film. The characters are lovable and the laughs are fun. The story is an easy one to relate to.

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