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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by psxexperten 1 / 10 / 10

1 Star. I would give 0 Stars, but the rating system won't allow it.

All the 9 and 10 star rating are fake. I am honestly so shocked at how bad this movie was, that I won't even bother explaining it. Story was horrible, acting was horrible, effects were horrible, and the list goes on. Anyone who gives this movie over a 1 or 2 was either a part of the movie, related to someone in the movie, or paid to rate it highly. Period. This is a typical f-rated movie. The best way to watch is with the sound off while wearing a blind fold.

Reviewed by reellycynical 1 / 10 / 10

Amazon Boredom to the MAX!

You've heard of a "B Movie" right? Well this is two steps below THAT. I would call it a "D Movie" - as in "DUMB". The BEST part of this movie are the brief glimpses of wildlife. - that's it. If I could rate it ZERO stars, I would. Horrible acting. Tongue-in cheek stupid humor throughout. Run for your life.

Reviewed by mail-19035 1 / 10 / 10

So bad.

Friends to the cast and producer skewing the IMDB ratings. This is not a 8-10 movie, more like a 0. The acting is very bad, the cinematography is off and the whole movie feels very low budget. Avoid.

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