American Insurrection



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October 8, 2021


Louisa Krause as Volunteer Hunting Party
Nick Westrate as David
Toby Leonard Moore as The Founder
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jeromebasque 1 / 10 / 10

They Made A Whole New Genre. Mentally Ill Super Fantasty

Just read the synopsis and you see how bad it is. In this most fantastical of fantasy movies, the people that are the least oppressed in real life and get everything they want by whining and playing victim are well, the victims. No matter what these weak, literal psychos will think of themselves as victims. Even as they are rounding up white christians to put in gulags to be exterminated, they will STILL consider themselves the victims. They have no idea how fed up people are with their childish, depostic, Marxists bullsht. They crossed the line when they came for our kids. Remember people, if they hold back a little, it's just to trick you into not being as mad. NEVER TRUST THEM. EVER. They are deceiving cnts who's only purpose is exactly that. To deceive, manipulate, and then finally exterminate. You know, they g to bed every night thinking they are victims, well heed my word. One day you will wake up and that will be true. And it will be righteous for the amount of sick, pedophiliac, defiling of the human being and soul that you have done over decades. And we know it's not just the little people. We see you big shots as well. We know where it comes from. But for now, the only oppressed people in the country is WHITE CHRISTIANS and mostly MALES. How can you tell? Well affirmative action is one the nose point. It is a direct hit against white men. They aren't given jobs, even though they are much better than the other applicants, simply because they are white men. Look at the crime statistics. White on black violence is so rare that one story a year might make the news. And you know Goddamn well if something happens it will be on the news. On the other hand black on white violence, rape and murder happen EVERY SINGLE DAY. So go F yourselves you evil communists scum. YOU ARE LOSING. YOU ARE CORNERED. Make a move. Do something. See what happens. We will never give up. We have truth on our side and our people are not mentally ill like your's. So keep it up. It's just waking more people up.

Reviewed by the_nephilim71 1 / 10 / 10

Don't Fall For The Bad Reviews...

Don't fall for the bad reviews. The story is good, the acting is strong, and it's a subject matter that needs to be covered more. Straight people have NO idea how badly the LGBTQ community is treated and some of the hate-filled reviews here prove that. I'm not sure why homophobes are watching this movie....did they not watch the trailer or read the synopsis? They are acting like they were just sitting at home minding their own business when someone broke in and forced them to watch a LGBTQ movie....smdh.

Reviewed by GeorgeWHAMMYBush 1 / 10 / 10

You couldn't pay a poet to give this move the eloquent review it deserves

Is this satire? Has something kicked in and you're imagining this? How is this not Canadian? Here's the review: This ranks among the top for what it is. Solid 1/10.

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