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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leplatypus 10 / 10 / 10

Amish, a life unveiled (tv)

Amish speak to me as i was deep into meadows-land while i coast to coast America by bus and because of the deep wisdom that the related movie « witness » infuses. This is the only community i know that really prohibits guns and taking lives believing clearly than man can't be the judge of other life ! They move me too because of their way of life, centered about love, simplicity, family, hard-work ! For those, we have watched « witness », this documentary won't be a surprise and i can't say it opens new fields : same clothes, same humility, same habits and traditions ! The only change i notice is that now it's for real : it's a true family not actors ! As this family took great risks to open doors, i just can rate it with the best mark to honor their courage !

Reviewed by imseeg / 10

Wonderful, uplifting, inspiring and loving.

The traditional Amish people dont allow to be photographed or filmed. It's very rare and a wonderful opportunity to be able to watch one Amish family live their daily simple life. With the risk of being excommunicated by their local church for letting a BBC cameracrew into their lives, this one particular Amish family still wanted to be filmed because they honestly believed it was their calling to show their life and faith and by doing so hoping to inspire others in the teachings of Jesus Christ. But this is not a preaching documentary at all though. No way, it is basically only about their daily life, singing and playing with the kids, working on the farm, going to church... This particular Amish family is such a tight knit, loving and inspiring family that watching them live their simple life is so wonderful, uplifting and inspiring to see. Guaranteed to make you feel good, without any cheesy sentiments, because this movie is based upon showing honest human values like the love for God and the love for ones own family and community.

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