Amphibian Man


Adventure / Drama / Romance / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by carpediem76 9 / 10 / 10

My comment of the Amphibian man. Minor Spoiler included.

A a former Soviet Citizen, I will take my responsibility seriously and will start commenting on as many stories behind the wonderful heritage of Soviet cinema as possible. This film is based on the novel written by a great Russian sci-fi writer Alexander Belyaev. It was a record-breaking film when it came out in the cinema houses all over the USSR in the early 60's. Even though the beautiful star of the Soviet film era, young Anastasia Vertinskaya (Gutierrez), was known to the audiences from her previous works, theater actor Vladimir Korenev ( handsome Ixtiander) "woke-up famous" and instantly became a desire of almost every woman in the country. The title song about a SEA DEVIL was on everybody's lips ever since. In order to closest resemble the scenery of a beautiful Latin country, the movie was shot in sunny Baku, Azerbajan. The idea of a sea-devil lurking in the waters near the shores and scaring people sets up the mood of the movie. However, the devil turns out to be a handsome young man with an inhuman trait- he is an amphibian. A romantic story starts to unfold when he falls in love with a gorgeous girl. Matters become complicated as the girl is about to get married to somebody else... It is a beautiful movie which is a pleasure to watch even today. If some parts of the film seem poor compared to today's film-making standards, they are easily forgiven due to the beauty of the scenery, interesting plot, striking-looking actors and their sincere acting approach to their characters. If you appreciate good international cinema and want to familiarize yourself with Soviet pop culture and the work of one of the world's best sci-fi writers, I highly recommend this film. It is full of mythical mood, great scientific fantasy mixed with true portrayal of human emotions. I recommend this film to every romantic at heart!

Reviewed by esteban1747 9 / 10 / 10

The story of a young man who lives in the depth of the ocean

Perhaps this is one of the best Sci-Fiction film ever produced in the history of cinema for its content. Its presentation may not be the best due to color problems and very much evident make up of the actors and actresses. I assume that the story was going on in a territory of any Latin American country, probably Mexico. The plot is about a young man able also to live normally in the sea. His father, a scientist and physician, built up a laboratory in the depth of the ocean where his son passes part of his life. Being a rare organism, his father always warned him not to visit nearby city, but love came over when he met a nice lady sinking in the sea, and with this all problems started. The film showed that early 60s the Soviet directors and producers were not very much aware of the music in Latin America. Dancing was Spanish-like and not Latin American as such. Names chosen for the heroes of the film were also rare. The lady is called Gutiere when Gutiérrez is a common surname in Spanish, then Ichtiandros is the name of the main actor of the film, again an invention. In any case, it is nice to see several shots made in the sea, in a really beautiful environment, and also to see nice diving and swimming of various actors. Excitement is also assured in this material. However, it does not have the Hollywood-Happy End. It is more realistic in its end. The film has also its morale showing the miseries of people trying to make money, no matter if it is playing with the life of a human being.

Reviewed by jamiem 9 / 10 / 10

One of the best

I also saw this movie as a kid on late night TV. I never forgot it and would love to see it on DVD. I think it was the first time I fell in love. The leading man/fish is one of the most beautiful and sweet characters I had ever seen.

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