An Accidental Zombie


Comedy / Horror / Romance

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April 1, 2021



Kane Hodder as Kane
Naomi Grossman as Susan Rivera
Tanya Chisholm as Bonnie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bairjohn 7 / 10 / 10


Not hilarious, but a few grins. Has a short film feel, need to watch through the credits. Acting was good, directing not to bad, no graphics, but set's were done well. Seemed to be more improvised than polished script.

Reviewed by hanusa2 10 / 10 / 10

Witty, fun, fast-moving Zombie spoof!

I'm not a zombie fan and neither are my well-read literary friends. (Secret: Most of us are close to 80.) We aren't the ones who go to zombie movies. We are librarians, journalists, teachers, travelers. BUT, to a woman, we loved this eccentric movie by Anne Welles. It made us laugh out loud for the entire length. "It's a love story!" shouted one. "No, it's got another message," said another. At other points the audience noises were more like "ooh, oomph, ugh!" Followed by laughter, of course! The actors clearly loved what they were doing, every minute--and at times you could tell they were improvising. Just what one would expect from the weird artistic sense of humor by the writer/director Anne Welles, as evidenced by her unusual script and unexpected turns in the story. Great acting, great fun. See it!! Have a Halloween party....

Reviewed by theonlyjaysoni 10 / 10 / 10

Worth every minute

I saw this film at a festival and wasn't sure what to expect but I ended up loving it. I laughed for just about the entire movie and loved the over the top feel of the movie which made me forget my own world for a while. Overall I very much enjoyed the entire film, from the acting to the cinematography to the story, etc.

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