An American Haunting


Drama / History / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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James D'Arcy as Julian
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Sissy Spacek as Mommy / Mama / Mom / Natasha
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sluggo2112 3 / 10 / 10

If you know the Bell Witch legend don't see this movie.

We saw this movie last night at the Nashville Film Festival and sat 3 rows behind Courtney Solomon (the director). The ending we saw last night was recently changed because the previous ending got such a horrible review. In my opinion they should have just stopped the movie 2 minutes short. I was raised in middle Tennessee about 3 hours south of the Adams farm and grew up hearing all the stories and reading all the books so I'm a pretty big fan of the Bell Witch. I wanted so badly for his movie to be an accurate representation of the "real" story but it was not. As in all movies these days they had to put a big twist at the end to shock everyone. This twist completely kills the movie and nullifies the whole Bell Witch legend. The movie even contradicts itself and in the end just becomes a confusing mess. If you are looking for jolts and some scary scenes you will not be disappointed. My hair stood on end more times than I think it ever has before. And up until the ending I was willing to give it an 8 out of 10. The last 2 minutes or so absolutely kill this movie. Once we saw the ending all the little hints throughout the movie tied together in the worse kind of way and the movie falls apart. If you are a Bell Witch fan you will hate this movie. If you do not know the story you will probably love the movie and just think the ending was dumb. In the Bell Witch legend Betsy Bell is tormented by a spirit named Kate that follows her wherever she goes. It starts out with what is considered poltergeist activity (strange noises, things moving around the house, etc...) but then becomes abusive and begins pulling Betsy's hair, scratching and slapping her, etc... She even vomits needles at one point. In the end though the spirit focuses its attention on John Bell and ultimately poisons him. This is the legend. ** Spoilers follow *** The movie follows along the story fairly closely but in the end its John Bell who is abusing and raping Betsy Bell. Betsy has conjured up this "protector" spirit because of his abuse. That's the big twist. And its the mother Lucy Bell that poisons John Bell due to this abuse. The spirit which is apparently Betsy Bell's spirit (?????) then returns in 2006 to warn a relative of the Bell's that her ex-husband is abusing their daughter. Just stupid. To me this destroys the whole legend. There were so many parts of the legend that they should have put in but instead focused on shocker rape scenes and dreams she was having so you never knew what was real and what wasn't. No mention of the Andrew Jackson incident or the witch singing "Row me up some Brandy'o" in front of 500 people at John Bell's funeral. Instead we got more shocker scenes and more of Betsy being drug around by the hair. Just how many times do we need to see Betsy being drug around by the hair anyway? I've waited for years for a good movie that tells us the real Bell Witch legend and I guess I'll keep waiting.

Reviewed by xvaasan 8 / 10 / 10

A Predictable Semi-fiction

Acting. Thats the most noticeable thing you will find in this movie. All the characters have performed well and acted according to the period of the story. I haven't watched Bell Witch Haunting (2004) but I have read a lot about the original legend. Instead of retelling the actual event, this movie revolves around it, giving us an entirely different interpretation of the haunting. Also, it tells nothing about General Andrew Jackson who visited Bell's family during that time and later became the American President. Its worthy to note that he was once quoted as saying - "I'd rather face the whole British Army, than face the Bell Witch again". Around 1818, a farming family living in Tennessee is haunted by a spirit, the most affected ones being the daughter Betsy and the father John Bell. While the father's health deteriorates, the daughter gets all poltergeistic treatment. Slowly, they suspect the woman (also witch?) Kate Batts who previously has some legal issues with John and curses him that he and his daughter will suffer for his deeds. The haunting gets worse and the family members try to fight back the ghost in their own ways. By the end, when they seem to have abandoned their faith, the spirit itself reveals the reason for its existence. The scary scenes are predictable but good. The notable ones are the first major attack on Betsy, the swing encounter, Richard's questions, John's visions, the cave and the best of all is the chariot ride. Excellent cinematography. A few good things in this movie keep us on the edge and makes us wait for the best part. But that best part never comes. The fictional ending, though unexpected and slightly shocking, is not conceived properly. The movie begins with a Night-Shyamalan-like atmosphere. Most of it feels like as if you are watching The Village. Later it goes on to remind us of The Poltergeist, The Exorcist, Child's Play and several others, even The Omen. The ending is tried in a Lynchian manner - just tried. Sadly, it doesn't register in us at all. Overall, this movie has good acting, good cinematography, few honestly scaring scenes and a different interpretation to the original Bell Witch Haunting. Nevertheless, it has a confused screenplay, half-baked script and an overhasty direction. The slow scenes are empty and the fast scenes are packed. So the balance is knocked out and what results is boredom. Watch it for the good aspects but make sure to take lots of popcorn inside the theatre. You'll need them to stay awake.

Reviewed by veryblueapple 8 / 10 / 10

The point of the movie

This is a complete spoiler...Some people have complained that the movie is boring because they show the same scenes over and over of the young girl screaming, and having nightmares. How would you feel day after day if you were being repeatedly raped by your own father? That is the point they were trying to convey. I'll tell you what this movie was about, since some people seem confused. The girl that was being tormented by "spirits" was actually being raped by her father. He was sneaking into her room and molesting/raping her. In the scene where you hear moans and whimpers from a girl, the mother is searching for the noise-- well that's the father raping his own daughter. He then comes out of the room and bumps into the mother, where they both agree the sounds have mysteriously stopped (hmm, gee I wonder why). The girl is so victimized by her father that her spirit leaves her body. She was hurting herself because the abuse was so painful. Finally at the end she poisons her father with her mother standing watch. Her mom had finally realized what was happening (duh). Then at the VERY end of the movie with the modern day mother and daughter... the daughter was being sent to her dad's house (joint custody). The mother sees the spirit of the little girl, and instantly runs out after her daughter, because the spirit of the little girl only appears where there is a child being raped/molested. Therefore the daughter was being raped by her father also. That's why the girl was chewing her nails and so worried looking from inside the vehicle as her and her dad drove off together. The spirit of the girl will always stick around to protect kids who are being abused. The End. I have heard this wasn't the original fact based story that comes from Tennessee, but I am just telling you this is what happened in the movie. What actually happened is supposedly a whole other story. I hope you understand the movie better now. Most people just dismiss it and think its a lame horror flick, but in the mind of an abused little girl, this was her daily torment.

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