An Interview with God


Drama / Mystery

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Brenton Thwaites as Dean McMullen
David Strathairn as Danny Dunkelman
Hill Harper as Joseph Leshem
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zhadowlordever 8 / 10 / 10

Don't Miss The Point Of This Movie As Many Others Have.

Interview With God is not the average Spiritual/Christian movie as it does not have many religious fundamental overtones, nor is it Holier-Than-Thou- preachy. The movie establishes that it wants everyone, regardless of believers and/or non-believers, to watch this movie by having the interviewer ask God about Atheist's being moral. God replies that yes, atheist's are moral (good people); never mind the tongue-in-cheek joke God says afterwards as it has no meaning in this movie. The movie deals with waning Faith, loss of Hope, Love is going away, and that Life is not a proving ground for Salvation. From the onset of the movie we overhear the protagonist speaking with a war-buddy (although he was a reporter in a war zone) and it is said the buddy was crying and called seeking leads to professional help for possible PTSD. The protagonist is also depressed to the point his mind is mostly dwelling on his marital problems which leads him to be careless while riding his bicycle in a large metropolitan area; near misses with cars ensue but he does not notice. The wife is also depressed as she has had an affair and does not see how she could ever be forgiven for her transgression to her husband. Protagonists boss at work admits when his own marriage failed he got real low and sought professional help. What comes from the conversations with God is that this movie is about loss of Hope and suicide. God intervenes in his life because he cried out for help. His Faith was shot, Love was going, and Hope was waiting to take the midnight bus out of there too. Oh, and protagonist was suicidal but didn't realize it. What the movie tries to instill, by story line and conversation with God is that there is always Hope, Forgiveness, Friendship, Love, and that it is never too late. The movie is actually quite brilliant in its delivery. The conversations with God are humorous and poignant. But, if you are looking for a deep theological movie and the answer to life, the universe, and everything...that pretentiousness is not here.

Reviewed by strivingprov31 5 / 10 / 10

Biblically accurate and applicable

So, i didn't know exactly what i was getting into when i hit play on this movie...i usually get angry with films that claim to be Christian or Biblical films but end up way off on the Biblical truths, accounts and doctrines... or i get offended at films making fun of Jesus Christ or God in general (examples: Bruce Almighty, Evan Almighty, and Noah starring Russell Crowe was just a flat out insult!) However, in this particular film i was sucked in to the story (it's very applicable to issues of today-suicide, affair, marriage, depression, guilt, seeking a sense of purpose, love, kindness, helping others, etc.) and i was intrigued by God's answers to the interview questions! I do not have a degree in theology, however, i have grown up in a Christian home and church (I've been a Christian for 35 years) and i know the stories of the Bible quite well and i would even say my hobby is studying the scriptures. I listen to preaching in my spare time and love taking college classes on anything in relation to the Bible. All this to say that in this film, God did indeed answer all the interview questions (some reviews claim that God just left the guy hanging...obviously they were not paying close attention to the conversations) , and every answer God gave was accurate to the King James Bible and what the Bible teaches/informs us about: 1. Who God is. 2. What His characteristics are. 3. What His nature is. 4. Why He created us. 5. What our purpose is. 6. Why God cares or loves us. 7. What God desires from us. 8. Why God gave mankind free will. 9. Why bad things happen to good people. And the list can go on and on... There is very little mention of Jesus and His sacrifice for mankind in this movie (which is crucial for salvation), however, i believe the purpose of this movie is to: (1) wet the appetite of those who are seeking to know who God is and whether He exists or not. (2) remind/inform believers that while faith (in Christ's sacrifice for our sins) does indeed give us salvation (eternity with the Almighty), faith isn't the only thing that God had intended for us, God loves us and desires to have a personal relationship with every single soul to ever exist! Why else would He send Christ to die for us? To save us by the skin of our teeth? No! God used Christ to build a bridge over the gap of sin so that we could walk with Him and talk with Him just like He intended at the very beginning when He first created man in the garden of Eden! This film portrays a beautiful picture of how God moves and interacts in the lives of people today! Does God give literal interviews? Most would say no...but in truth, He answered all the questions before they were asked...His answers are in the scriptures...just because you don't see the answers immediately doesn't mean they aren't there.

Reviewed by Mklangelo 5 / 10 / 10

Look at my hair. Isn't is unruly? lol

David Strathairn is the only saving grace of this piece of "filmmaking". I'm not sure how they got him to do it. Must have been a really huge paycheck. His portrayal of "God" is about as good as you could expect from a mere human, to include the overexposed Morgan Freeman. He dances around the obvious moral questions adroitly with his typically skillful delivery without really answering them since as Humans, we have no answers. But I'll watch just about anything he does just because he's in it. He's the only reason I don't rate this thing a 4 or less. As for Brenton Thwaites, all I can think of is he needs a haircut. When he begs to his so-called wife on the phone, all I can think of is him thinking, "I really wish you could see how my head is hanging down as I toss my unruly mane about, it's really sexy." He is an average actor and has a couple of good scenes here but nothing that a thousand actors could not have done as well or better. . In a nutshell, one of the most intriguing concepts available with it's universal appeal but average fare. Move along folks, not much to see here...

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