An Officer and a Spy

Drama / History / Thriller

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December 28, 2020



Emmanuelle Seigner as Esther Artole
Jean Dujardin as Octave Parango
Mathieu Amalric as Benoît Survenant
Roman Polanski as Roman Polanski
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by virginiebauer 9 / 10 / 10

A Must See

A great film on all accounts. Fantastic direction and recreation of a terrible period in France. The sets, the costumes are just fantastic. Not to mention the actors, who for a large part come from the Comédie Française, a theatrical institution in France. In a time of intolerance this film reminds us that there are great principles that are worth fighting for.

Reviewed by louis1011 7 / 10 / 10

Superbly made film

This is a truely great film. The direction of this film is one of the reasons why as every scene is shot with such precision. Also the product design of this film was at the highest level which really helps the film to feel more real and authentic. Overall this is a great film that I think people should see.

Reviewed by RinoBortone91 7 / 10 / 10


Slow, calm, smart and intriguing. These are just some of the many adjectives that can be attached to this successful work, although it has some declining rhythm in the development of the narration, some flaws here and there, especially at the end, where the story needed a much more exploration; however, it remains a film with a unique and exemplary character. Polanski manages to tell an intrigued story, with a calm like that of the old sages and he manages it in no uncertain terms, without complex tools. Masterful, with true interpretations by an outstanding cast, above all the one signed by Jean Dujardin, who wears the signs of history on his face and body with his usual unique talent. At the end, it is another remarkable work by Polanski and so a successful work. Delicate.

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