An Ordinary Man

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June 29, 2019


Ben Kingsley as Meyer Lansky
Hera Hilmar as Sophie
Milena Radulovic as Young Woman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by notom-23012 7 / 10 / 10


Ben Kingsley plays 'The General', a War Criminal in some unstated country hiding from those who would prosecute him for his crimes. His only normal human contact is that of his 'maid' (Hera Hilmar) - an, initially, reluctant participant in the relationship. Kingsley plays his part with equal indifference and suppressed savagery - though no explicit details are given of his 'atrocities' - you become quickly convinced that this is a creature capable of committing them. Hilmars' portrayal of a person bound by circumstance is equally ambivalent. Initially repulsed by The General, a tenuous connection rears it's head. There's very little in the way of 'action' during the entire film - this is not a film about actions, but about the consequences. Watching he interplay between 'The General' and 'The Maid' is both fascinating and morbid - like watching a car crash in slow motion. I heartily recommend this film for fans of Kingsley - but if you're expecting an action packed, explosion driven extravaganza of the more modern genre, you'll be disappointed. Hera Hilmar too, plays her part with a subtlety that shows the depth of her acting experience.

Reviewed by bobbyebadi 10 / 10 / 10

It is a great movie if you just think a little bit

Spoiler alert, do not read my review if you have not watched the movie: Most viewers do not get the story, so they find the ending not satisfactory. It is because unlike most movies in our generation, this movie asks you to think deeply about what you have watched. This story is about a war hero, someone too risky to kill, because many people still love him. They do not want him to be captured by the enemy either, so they kept him alive in a home and watch him closely. They hire a beautiful young girl, telling her that she is a bodyguard to protect the general, but the truth is she is just a lamb planned to be killed later to break the old man's heart. The beautiful girl melts the man's heart, giving him a new desire to live and enjoy life, he starts to feel and to seek an emotional connection with his surroundings and his unfinished past personal life. It is when they execute her in front of him, leaving him with despair and guilt. so the general decides to commit a suicide. A famous general, a man who can not be killed, still can be killed easily by love a young beautiful woman, just another ordinary man...

Reviewed by rfoster-06979 10 / 10 / 10

All I can say is WOW!

A truly moving experience! This presentation has everything, love, honour, justice, vengeance, hatred, hope, hopelessness. This is filled with superb acting and I was left knowing the cost of knowledge. To what or to whom will we sacrifice our all?

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